8th Afghan Hound World Congress Specialty Shows were held 2-3.05.2014 in Padenghe, Italy, organized by Italian breed club A.I.A.L.A

May 2nd was judged by Mrs Carol Reisman, USA (kennel Kai)
May 3rd was judged by Mrs Colleen Khouri. AUS (kennel Quom)

115 entries.
Show was very well organized, what I liked a lot was that every dog was moving in one by one – great possibility to introduce and move.  I know it is not time for this in ordinary shows, but this was  nice, to show and also to see dogs as first impression.

Ring was large, and that is true that I haven’t seen any better one than in Finnish SAFA specialty, still it was large. Weather showed its ugliest by raining whole first day. And it was not warm of course. I felt sorry for all that loss of glory and spirit of specialty but none can guarantee the weather…

Also what was nice the brake time between male and female rings was comfortably long.

My only critics was the lack of information before shows, like when allowed to come and set up the tents,  when we were driving there day earlier, was no tents and when we arrived almost as first ones very very early at morning, there was all places taken.

But lets take all by order.  Waking up very very early this morning, we were hoping to arrive earliest possible because we knew previously there is quite a not parking lot and also worrying because our van too big we did not want take risk that we stay off some hours and need to carry stuff in rain.

Yes, the rain, terrible heavy rain and also cold. Well not a big deal for us we thought, as when it gets really bad we can sit in van with dogs and go ringside in time before ring we thought. Also  rain is not problem for our dogs.  I had additional suits with for me. The only thing I really missed was wellies, how I did not took these like always  just in case?

Oh yes this is what we met at morning – mud. What a disappointment that we did not got our tent to ringside (the little red one is ours), so no photos no videos and hardly can see dogs, because we are only 2 people so one of us must be in tent with dogs all the time and also we need to prepare our girls for ring.  And even if I go to look male classes I can not see much because all the dogs kept in depth of tents in their crates in this lot mud and heavy rain,, which is understandable of course so my big wish to see males is not going to happen, taking attention I always like to look dogs at ringside standing naturally, not in show ring all stretched up.  But is nice to see few males in great muscle condition gaiting through rain. I do not care if hair is wet: Afghan Hound is not long hair breed, it is sighthound who happen to have hair.
Not many smiley happy faces in ring if few, come on people no care of rain. Tho I understand those whose dogs do not like rain, we had one of our great Salukis just the kind.
The picture with pools is other side of show rings, and there was also caravan parking full of exhibitors – was also shows for other sighthound breeds.
Time to start grooming our girl for ring. First is Bengu  (CH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) going the largest class of 22 entries  – open female class.
Just to mention she has breed typical patternings, almost bare pasterns and all natural saddle, showing  head held proud in rain, we are enjoying to be in ring together and we are happy to find from description both days: Carries herself with style of high order and spring. 

Bengu showing well and placing 4th in  largest open class! Well done Benx !
Here is the video published and these links starts from when Bengu in open class:
First day:
Second day:

We do not have much photos only few quick shots because other from us needed to prepare Lilli for next class to enter. here is these few photos of Bengu in ring:

Female Open class placements (click to enlarge):

Still raining, not so heavily but still. You must be think I am crazy but I always knew that slight rain makes Lilli’s coat even more beautiful, the most important is not to touch/brush it while wet, just let it be as is and when it dries it is even more silky look and settled.

Lilli – C.I.B CH Al Khabara Graceful Me

This beautiful photo is made by Alex Schütz

So, off we went, smile on and flying around, I was not sure if Lilli going to enjoy because she actually had just the  bit over 2 month from season, tho our dogs have no false pregnancies, one still can not be sure of mood they get that time.

Well – Lilli did not mind and even enjoyed more at second day. IMHO opinion she was just very different by type and did not placed,  but excellent descriptions also was happy to find “Moves style of high order, springy and well covering ground

Unfortunately her moving shot turned out not sharp enough.
Here is videos from Champion class both days:  http://youtu.be/MO-ImUuT6MY   and

Here is some little more photos of Lilli

Read also about our whole trip and holiday in Moniga del Garda, Italy

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