Thought I write a bit longer of our trip to Italy. The Afghan Hound World Congress and Specialty shows were held at beginning of May in beautiful lakeside of Padenghe sul Garda.
First we was so hard trying to plan to go one international show before and another one after the time in Italy, but unfortunately one of us did not have possible to have holiday enough days. So it turned out fast driving there and fast driving back. And after many years it happened so that I was only driver in van so it took days driving and nights in hotel.

We had only 2 dogs with us, Lilli – CH Al Khabara Graceful Me and Bengu – CH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing – both have been travelling a lot since young age so both were very excited like always when we start pack the van and load the crates, show tent, chairs and luggage, they know exactly that something exciting is in the air!  Our dogs are used to travel and they have very comfortable large travelling crates with foam bottoms therefore large room to strech and sleep securely.
The route was via Poland- Czech- then Linz  and Innsbruck in Austria and then Bolzano to Moniga del Garda in Italy.

Poland is so large but they now have pretty good roads, and first night we were in hotel in Poland. At morning to the Czech and not the Germany I chose because security, who would been believe that yeah.

The route via Brno I’ve been driving so many times and all went smoothly till Linz where we had hotel for second night. Check in till 18.00 and only 30 min before Linz and only about 5-6 cars before our van it was big traffic accident with trucks, so we spent hours in waiting.

Hotel was so kind to wait us when we finally tired and sleepy got there.
First time in many years Austrian police wanted to see the documents of dogs, ours have EU vet passports and all is update with their vaccinations aswell the way our dogs travelling having water buckets in crates and all the best for their security, we got wide friendly smile from police who said they have dogs in car too and it was very nice to see them too.

Next morning we continued to Italy, here we did lot pictures as just so beautiful areas. Letting the pictures to talk here.

Welcome Italy, always so nice to visit, but then ooooops – laugh or cry we understood we have totally wrong vehicle, again pictures tell the truth we were afraid we stuck here forever before we get to the hotel and what if someone drives us on? Holding breath and then next corner we are arriving!

Feeling very welcomed like nowhere earlier – the apartment is really great with kitchen and garden. And outdoor pool of course. We chose the apartment to have kitchen because we needed to buy meet for our dogs and needed the freezer etc.

We arrived a day before Congress started but was not planning to attend. Why? Definitely not that we are not interested in breed, quite a opposite actually, but I rather skip from telling the the detailed  reason but unfortunately IMHO the congress seemed to be more like one team propaganda. Have unfortunately not high hopes for next congress in Netherlands neither.

So we only went to shows to see the breed there. Surprised or not surprised we saw many other longtime breeders and known as caring what happens to our breed – also came only to shows to see breed and not to attending congress, which I agree of course is sad.
Tho we have such a great memories from Belgium congress at 2002.

Well after few days of resting, walking dogs, having nice dinners, finally was the day to groom our Afghan Hounds for next day show.

Postcard to home:  We have great time !!!


After Lilli groomed we thought why not take some pics of her and off to garden we went. Stacking, camera ready and what we see?

Big black dog comes to us and want to be on photo with Lilli – laugh or cry. One of us trying to entertain this dog “away” from shot while Lilli captured by entertaining her to play. Yes laugh or cry :) She was rolling on grass happily as seen on photo below. We laughed yes. What a funny dog.

Well, finally photos of Lilli made and going to make some dinner and feed dogs before start grooming Bengu. Master chief just got pizza out of oven when we hear knock knock somebody on the door. When I open the door, there is the same black dog who want come in. Again, laugh or cry. We got guest just intime of dinner :)

Another of our girls is not very keen of fact somebody want share our dinner.  As our daughter who lives here is already left, and now we have none to ask how to talk Italian to the dog – we tell her  “andiamo, andiamo” which I think maybe mean “go home”. Oh well, maybe its her name is Andiamo because all the jump and happy wagging tail dance start now in hope somebody entertain her same way as earlier in garden :)
Now I am supposed to do it every time when I go out as she is there in minute as soon I appear.
It turns out the real name of this dog is Stella and she belongs to owners of this apartment hotel. At least it is fun to memoir these days when I entertain Stella so another of us can walk our girls who of course, well at least Lilli would love to run wild in garden, but we never take risks when we are travel. So Lilli and Bengu can throw their toy squirrels to each other also tonight.  This apartment hotel in Moniga del Garda was very dog friendly place we think we hope to spend some holiday there also at future.

After shows next morning we had to start drive back, what a pity as would love to stay for week.

We drive back I chose the other way via Graz which I liked more to drive tho the Bolzano area was very interesting, the city with history and beautiful villages.
To Vienna to be at Czheh border at evening where we had a hotel in Mikulow, again we felt very welcomed and next morning then long drive via all the Poland to be over Lithuanian border and late evening in hotel near Kaunas. Of course this included the resting stops for dogs and for us. All went well as I am always careful, winning a minute but losing the life is not my style therefore better safe than sorry we still were in time with schedule and dogs were happy to arrive in hotel too. Bengu started to open the suitcases and Lilli looked for her bedding mountain to take the most comfortable place. Then both playing with their squirrel toys a bit before going to sleep.
Next day driving via Baltics and finally HOME !
Now I could say that oh how tired we were and that was enough driving for year, but guess what we are continuesly talking and considering what if we move back to there one day?

Read my thought and see photos from Afghan hound World Congress Specialty shows HERE

Written by Alex and translated into English by Monica



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