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Lilli took   GROUP 3 and  BEST OF BREED !!!

Great weekend in Lithuania, there was two international shows at same weekend at 2-3.03.2013, first day it was Lithuanian Winner -2013 show and at Sunday it was Vilnius Cup-2013.

Again, like day earlier, our team was represented by three Al Khabara Afghan Hounds:

Lilli (JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me) and

Bengu  (JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) – both again in open class

and little  Entel (Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me) in Puppy class.

First of ours one to step into spotlight was Entel in to Puppy class.Like day earlier, Entel got a very nice experience from judge Mr Željko Žilnik from Croatia.  Entel loved to show and move and she achieved Best Female Puppy in breed aswell Best of Breed Puppy in breed award.
Entel pictured at left.

So Entel goes to big BIS Puppy ring also today evening. Such a good experience for her!


And now it was time for Lilli and Bengu  to get prepared  for their presence. In they went with pride and joy, as you can see from these photos:


Lilli and Bengu in move Bengu, open class

Lilli won open class and Bengu placed second after her. Then it was time for Lilli to enter in to Best female competition with all other class winners and Lilli moved it to win also today – the  CACIB, CAC, Best Female in Breed !

Just the moment when judge awarding the winner rosette to us,  Lilli was attacked by competitor female. While concentrated on award and thanking Judge, one of my eyes still was aware what she has in mind because I knew it from previous experience ( on to my Bengu!) and have seen several times that they let this female to jump on other dogs in ring  and  so I saw she is now coming in long lead, out of control from its handler to sniff back of Lilli to jump up on her . I got Lilli away a second before this dog was able to jump on Lilli.  Lilli got only scared but better than nails on her back. We have it videoed this time as we got whole breed ring and group videos this time.  Seem like owners forgot to mention what was teached to their dog or using to do to others, so handler was not aware of that can happen.  Anyway – none has right to let their dog in to long leash and out of control in showring with hilarious reason like  “she is friendly and want play”, well – dogs with such behavior toward others shouldn’t taken to shows…and stay home and play their agressive games in home not in showring…it is no way not normal if dog side of you allowed to jump on your dog.

Poor Lilli,  but luckily she is so namesake Graceful that still moved head and tail up proudly next round in Best of Breed ring right after that accident,  so the competitors goal did not came true – not much can faze our dogs and we are aware of all tricks possibly can happen from competitors.

Lilli moving in proudly in to Best of Breed ring and they get moved several times, and judge awarding the BEST OF BREED to Lilli.

He sayd he likes good movers in great muscle condition – we are very thankful to judge Mr  Željko Žilnik who is also FCI judge for working trials for all  hound breeds ( hunting breeds), we therefore appreciate Lilli’s Best of Breed very high.

Thank you so much!

So – here is pictured Lilli – JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me as Best Of Breed and BOS was handsome male from Finland  – Gold’n Copper A Hymn To Freedom.


Waiting the Groups to start – we had two Al Khabara girls to go final rings.  Entel and Bengu entertaining each other while Lilli taking little nap – beautysleep never  can hurt anyone;)
Entel knows now better what it is about big ring and shows head and tail up proudly.
Group 10 is called in and Lilli “sailing” in proudly like you can see from photos.

Lilli showed well and enjoyed herself, she placed 3rd in Group and we are very happy and proud of her. So – what a successful show for Lilli!
Today she was BEST OF GROUP 3, BEST OF BREED, CACIB and CAC.   Two CACIB from one weekend – not bad;) Very happy for her – and looking excitedly the upcoming spring and summer shows !

Seem that Lilli was also loved by cameras as there was so lot photos from many photographers we found later in Facebook.


Thank you to Breed and Group judge Mr Željko Žilnik!
Our sincere Thank you all who captured our beautiful Lilli!
Thank you all who applauded Lilli at ringside and made her feel special!
Thank you all for offered a nice competition!
And last but not least: Thank you Lilli, Bengu and Entel !

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