Al Khabara Dahoak

R.I.P our dear beautiful Batman,
taken by stroke and leaving us cry ……

LT W-2006, Alpe Adria W-06

Al Khabara Dahoak 

2004 –  2013


In loving memory…..





Now when it is not so freezing cold anymore but only -6C (21,2F) Salukis took full fun out of snowy  garden! Some of them captured while racing in snow yesterday. We have alltogether four Salukis, all are veterans: Littermates  Batman and DiDi – 8 years old, Niikki 10 years old and their mom Helmi 15 years old.

There is no age seen in Salukis, better to say 8 years young Batman  ( INT BALT EST LV LT CH Al Khabara Dahoak) and his sister Didi  (Al Khabara Dhabi-Dhurrah) looks like wild youngsters.

We are considering veteran carreer for Batman, thinking back to this achievements in Group and BIS rings that would be fun! Lets see what spring brings!

DiDi has most incredible movement from her mom Helmi. She was winning few  puppy BIS at international shows and started well in junior class with her first CAC but then unfortunately  injured her pastern. Surgery  sadly was not fixed it so she lived as couch potato here at Al Khabara and running wild and happy with his brother and older sister and their Mom.

Now lets the pictures talk:

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