We had such a great day in Luige  – at International Dog Show in Estonia 18.08.2019!
First we want to say great thank you to Estonian Kennel Union for organizing such a great show – large rings, room for parking and being- just so proud we have  show like that in Estonia.

We had Granddaughters with us and they enjoyed the day too. Mustikas never been so well groomed by Elenora and Emilie and he got a gentle hugs after being in ring!
Maasu (C.I.B CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love ) enjoyed to show off  and move in large ring and she did us so proud again – BEST OF BREED  from Veteran Class ! She was also a Best veteran in Breed. Thank you  to Judge Grzegorz Weron, Poland!

Maasu was awarded BIS 4 Veteran by Liliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium
Then Maasu and Musti went to Brace competition and were awarded BIS 2 Brace by Valeria Rickard, USA
Maasu was awarded BEST in GROUP 2 by Grzegorz Weron,Poland

Musti was in Champion class and got second place with excellent.We have lot of pictures and I link videos too. Lot of photos this time, seen in here:

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mg_1303-maasu-hugging-2 First time in Veteran Class! What a wonderful show-weekend it turned out!

Sunday, 30.06.2019 Imavere All Breed DS the results were
Maasu-  C.I.B EST LV LT RUS CH (Al Khabara Grace Of Love): Best Veteran, Best Bitch,  BEST OF BREED, GROUP 3

Mustikas – EST LV LT CH (Al Khabara Gentle Gangster): BOS Veteran, Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex

Al Khabara Grace of Love and Gentle Gangster : Brace, Excellent 1 , BIS BRACE IN SHOW 3


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Here comes Smokey  4 month old, moving how he likes the most, in the full happy roll, please FYI that he is just changing teeth and therefore the legs and tail  still is going here and there a bit, but notice the long loose leash and collar ;)
Full longer version in actual speed is in Youtube
Smokey is Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation   from our L-litter  by C.I.B CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x C.I.B Al Khabara Graceful Me.

Here is also new photos of Smokey in the move:

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Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock

Boy 1, Blue brindle, from our L-litter by

CIB CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me

Pictured  4 and 4,5 weeks old .
Names are not fully confirmed yet but this lil’ guy  too got his name by honour of his Dad.  They are Halo’s first litter sired and so we thought the boys all get Sensation into their  names. Yes , girls will all have Lily in their names :)

Here is video and more photos of him:

Only week ago I was hugging her … so hard to accept that now I can do it only in memories again…
Video is filmed from screen, therefore short clip and sorry for quality. We have been trying to transfer old VHS videos to DVD but it is going to be slow task weeping tears of memories…. Favourita –  INT CH Al Khabara Ahabatha

This was International Show at year 2002 and Favourita the Queen of showring  like she always showed off the style of high order and headheld proud, enjoyed to be in showring with Alex.
Forever in our memories Favorita (1998-2014)


 R.I.P Favorita  1998 – 2014

Favorita – Al Khabara Ahabatha 

We awake each morning to start a new day
But the pain of loosing you never goes away.
We go about the things we have to do 
And as the hours pass we think again of you.
You are in snowflake, in the rays of sun, in the sparkling of stars
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane,
We’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again


Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?
We will miss you more than words can say, our dearest Favourita
Read about Favourita and see video from year 2002:

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Rosie ( SWE CH Al Khabara Gracious Me) did well in the biggest show of year in Scandinavia – International Show, Nordic Winner-13, held in Finland this year at 13.12.2013, judged by Mrs Yolanda Nagler Magal/Israel

Rosie took Open Class, Excellent 1, Best Bitch-3, res-CAC, res-CACIB  (=CACIB)

See Rosie on video here:

Rosie is bred by us but owned and loved by kennel Kingsleah in Sweden.

14.07.2013 All Breed Show, Viimsi, Estonia

our results:

Al Khabara Grace Of Love: Open Class, Excellent 1, EST CAC Reserve Best Bitch
Al Khabara Escada: Junior Class, Excellent 3
Al Khabara Eleganzza: Junior Class, Excellent 4
Kingsleah Amazing Grace : BIS I Progeny Group 


Way to go Gracie the Amazing and well done Maasu – EST CAC second show in row and only 1 more CC far from finishing her Champion title !!!

Some short videos of  Maasu and Eleganzza in ring:

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We had great weekend at international Estonian Winner 2013!

Breed: Jean Jacque Dupas/France
BIS Progeny Groups: Dina Korna/Estonia

Our results:
Al Khabara Easy Breezy MeEST JCAC, BOB JUNIOR, BB-4 , EST JW-2013, Crufts qualification 2014
Entel also was chosen into final cut at all breed BIS Junior ring from very large entries!
Kingsleah Amazing Grace: BOB Veteran, EST VCAC, EST VW-2013, EST Vet CH

Al Khabara Graceful Me: Ch Class Excellent 2, Reserve Best Bitch, res-CACIB
Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing: Open Class Excellent 1, BB5
Al Khabara Escada:: Junior Class Excellent 2
Al Khabara kennel : BOB BREEDER,  was chosen into last cut at BIS BREEDER ring from large entries
Kingsleah Amazing Grace : BEST IN SHOW Progeny Group

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Maasu is Al Khabara Grace of Love from our G-litter, sired by C.I.B Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x C.I.B Kingsleah Amazing Grace

We took Maasu back to Al Khabara this spring because owner had no possibilities to have her so Maasu naturally came back to us.

She fell love to her sister Lilli since first evening, they sleep and eat together and playing the afghan hound wrestling games that makes us drop to tear of laughing. Maasu is big friend also with Mr Mouzi who have been a bit lonely after his buddy Nikki left us in February.

Maasu never been in show stack or in show collar and leash before  and  as soon the snow was gone we took her out of curiosity  to see how she moves. Well we are amazed, but being honest, not very surprised – she has the head held and movement just like her litter mates has!

Maasu has nice silky hair structure and very easy to care, tho she still need a bit growing hair out, I have been taking excellent care of her hair and she doing fine for 2 weeks between baths, so her coat is ready to grow well.

Here comes video of Maasu in show !

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Video of Eleganzza  (Al Khabara Eleganzza) when she was 4,5 month old,  never published  before because I thought my poor filming at rainy and cold wouldn’t make right to her but despite the rainy and wet day Eleganzza and Alex had  quite a fun ;)
Filmed in November 2012… very first exercising for her in leash and collar….learning the patience and the being team.

Al Khabara Eleganzza 4 month

NB: Eleganzza is is very nicely developed and has beautiful movement, she is show trained and  we are excitedly waiting to see her in showrings this coming spring and summer. She might be available for right home. Read more about her.

Random pictures
g6_5fb img_7541_1yo 4 week