Throwback Thursday stories

Organizing the photo and video files of L-litter  DOB in spring earlier this year, we found the  lot videos we haven’t even seen ourselve because just too busy  with everything else. These are videos we take no extra but just when we take standing pictures of puppies we always set videocamera on at background to have that valuable source available for us breeders later to see their development.
Publishing now some of these videos, would it be like Throwback Thursday a  little bit, but stay tuned, we have more to come :)

So – here is the videos of Rocky at 4 week old and 5 week old  – Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock

Please notice the naughty look he gives to cheese :)
This little guy has the breed typical expression already.


Presenting the interesting photo today.

The right side photo was made at 1993 and pictured is our very first Afghan Hound Meeri ( Balt Est Lv Lt CH Lebensretter Montezuma) at age 3 week old.
The left side photo is made 2 weeks ago, and pictured is Meeri’s grand-grand-grand daughter Al Khabara  Easy Breezy Me, born in our  E-litter 27.06.2012.

I am going to post lot more pictures and write more about pedigrees at coming days, stay tuned;)

Random pictures
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