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It was in April when we wrote of Tentel doing therapy dog in library and the event was filmed and team intervieuwed by people from Portuguese embassy in Estonia.

Now that was in TV in Portugal – click on picture to see video or directly from this link

How great is to look the kids talking English in video and how nice is to see Tentel ( Al Khabara Extravaganza) middle of doing something she loves.

Tentel well representing  our breeding from her grand grand mother Meeri, our very first Afghan Hound 1994, aswell her grandmother Favorita 1998,  her Sire Mouztafa 2006 and Mom Grace 2005 – all these generations behind had same lovely personality we are so proud of! We are also very happy that Tentel has owners who offer her all these great possibilities to… Continue reading

Very proud breeders here sharing the link to the latest FCI  Newsletter 3-2014 30/06/2014 where is article and photos of Tentel (Al Khabara Extravaganza, 2 years old), the “Listening Dog” and about this project and interview with Tentel’s owner Jane Jaggo

“A dog is a great companion for kids learning to read” – article by Marie Luna Durán, FCI Marketing and Public Relations Manager  is published in four languages (EN, SP, FR, D)

For more news is that Tentel just recently passed the exam by gaining high points and is now officially internationally certified Therapy Dog!

Newsletter 3-2014 30/06/2014


Photo by Mari Luud, Õhtuleht (c)

Tentel 16 mo (Al Khabara Extravagnza) from our E- litter, is busy girl in the project in Estonia “The Reading Dogs”

She is going in libarary and helping little kids to enjoy reading. Tentel is so gentle and patient with little kids and enjoying her new job a lot with her owner Jane Jaggo

Linked is the article in news today. Tomorrow morning they’ll have interview in radio Sky+. So cool!

Tartu raamatukogus alustasid tööd lugemiskoerad


Photo (c) Mari Luud, Õhtuleht


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