Funny Friday tales

jamie-mouzta-9-yo GUILTY.
Sleeping innocent and full  like done nothing wrong. Brothers. 9 years old. Mouztafa and Jamie.
One would expect to be smarter in that age, but hey-hoo?
Few days ago they were eating my leather wallet with half what is in there (half from every card….- this way). The back of wallet, pretty big piece of leather – turned out very delicious, euros were thrown on the floor like useless. So I got these back.
Some days after that when we did emergency call because we had tree brand fallen on electricity line because too heavy snow covered it…after I came indoor finally I found out my candies, jelly beans, all gone and found the empty bag hidden under their bed. Who?
Not these two ?
No… we have no clue who did this!
Should I be ready for another emergency call ??? Can these candies cause allergic reaction ??? Does anyone know?

PS: Yes, I am the one who LOVE Mondays. weekends usually are too much for me lol.
PPS: No, it did not cause allergic reaction, tg!

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g3_mg_8530 Participant of Baby Classes in future shows !

Roxanna think this happy face would entertain judges in her future shows ? Photo is from collection “100 different faces of little clown called Roxanna”  These pictures were made July,19 and Roxanna is 4 month old  here.


g1_img_6985-bus Starring Phoebe  (Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley) on this picture but the storyteller is Roxanna behind her in the 2-door crate after 3 times in to crate from one door and back out from other door because she wanted to be the only one taken out for fun. Continuesly!
Now finally Alex got Phoebe out and expression of Roxanna sais it all.
Such a smart puppies, Roxanna learnt quickly that she need to go to another door in crate to get out first and that she must be first one very close of door!


 Roxanna is most active girl puppy in the pack. She always find the way, she knows everything and she knows what she want and how she like it :D

So yesterday she decided there is no need of whatsoever of snood photos and wanted to stand on table and look over raining garden.  As you see there was not of course any trouble to get standing photos of her, just hold your hands in right place for photo and shoot as many you want.

Roxanna is Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily
If I would write up one story every day, we would publish a book of her already.

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Now that is naughtiest of naughty! I feel totally misused and manipulated!
It is already late evening, very late yes 1.23 am. I am almost sleeping and hoping to get bed. But Lilli have a problem, she asking me piip-piip-piip – we must go outdoor so I take my legs and off we go. I am waiting some time in kitchen while she is done and want back in. 
Upstair we go. I am just to take laptop to look email last time and to close and there she is – Mom, take your legs out, I NEED TO GO out!!! Ouch, seem I was not patient enough so she did not got done there. My poor tired and slow legs step downstair in half sleep so I do not fall and my one painful knee will still… Continue reading

I lately had funny moment with Bengu. It was late evening and action film in TV. Then there is on woman crying and screaming loud in hands of criminal.

Bengu, very sleepy, jumping up from bed, going to TV, listening – and I see how her thighs shaking from hearing someone crying for help, terrible screams.

Then she turned to me like saying: there is one need help desperately and you are lying here like nothing happens –   I was just die to laughing.
She was yet restless quite a while. And she is kinda brave one, lets say so, she act like she has sea up to chest, but how’s she now got “bunny into pants” – I have no idea  :)


Finally evening. Coffe and TV news.

Lilli at my side and looking news too.
Sport. The athlete runs and preparing to throw the javelin.
Lilli is alert, topknot rising  

When athlete throws javelin to air, Lilli quickly turns head to side, away from the way of javelin



While LOT blog posts and photos from July still waiting to be updated, lets Funny Friday tradition to began in our blog!
I’ve written up funny little tales quite  some time by now and so I start them publish  every Friday.

Afghan Hound is not only shows or beautiful photos,  they are part of family and joy we share every day.
Stay tuned for little laugh of our Funny Friday tales !


Apricots on table, me at computer reading mails just before going to sleep. Apricots covered with sheet of paper to avoid runaway.
Then I see one apricot still leaving, having very invisible Lilli with it.
I went after and took it back from her mouth where was nothing (if judging by her expression).
Then she was acting like I was taking away HER APRICOT… Continue reading

Random pictures
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