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Two headstudies of Sensei ( Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational). All I can say is I can’t hold back because the joy that I feel seeing how his head developed – now 15 month old and must admit we are very pleasured with head types in our L-litter  The length of scull and headline, roman nose and chiseling on muzzle, under jaw and pigment – all six puppies in this litter got the headtype  we both admiring so much and now proudly presenting their headstudies, more to come :)

mtl-l-litter Finally we got uploaded the pedigree info of our breedings and more to come. Here is the view of Mother Tail Lines  (some say Female Tails) in our pedigrees.  COI%  is only from 10 generation and just for comparison, because  with the  view of each Mother Tail Lines ( MTL) it gives whole other overview into the COI % values, but also for the terms of linebreeding  and therefore the inbreeding %  shown in these pedigrees is only for comparison for MTL ‘s and no other point .

I’ve seen pedigrees with high COI%  and said tight traditional linebreeding , but looking the MTL view of  such pedigree with the foundation female tails for each dog in pedigree – it was interesting to notice in some of such pedigrees the good wide variety of different MTL (foundation females!) might be represented.

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141___12_jpg  All about the breed Afghan Hound was published in magazine Lemmik, on sell December 2014.

7 page long article written by Marko Tiidelepp and basing on interview by us.

We like how it turned out!

These in Estonia can find and buy it from various biggest shopping centres all around.



This is simply amazing news – unpublished photos of Zardin!!!

I would like to write about this more than just plain link, but as long my keyboard is dead, the updates and writing here is to be kept short as possible just can not type on phone screen letter by letter.
I am getting back to this here when I get  keyboard repaired.

Everything for Afghan Hound : Boots, capes, collars, snoods, shampoos, brushes and more!
Opening soon!   Stay tuned with us!


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