My MOST favourite Artist in breed – June Leitch in UK – every piece is breathtaking and gives you a several (!) impressions of ESSENCE of this wonderful breed.

I wish I’d have a words enough to describe better :)
In every statue made by June Leitch, I see some moments of my own Afghan Hounds,
when they express their essence in certain moments.

Sure, I am not only one sees own dogs, but talent of June is awesome.
Let me a show ! Here comes Roxanna, ears in wind!

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img_8565-001fb With this beautiful cake we are stepping from 2015 into 2016. It is February when I writing this…. just before Xmas we got the busiest times ever , enjoying the company and time with our grandchild and quality time. The website and blogging was on my to-do list but somewhat lost the mojo – we were just enjoying our family and our dogs. That should be read of course the way that we consider our dogs to be our family too.

Well, it is now February and I am trying to update many things in blog…show results, photos and news as always, maybe even some more during next month.

TOP of Al Khabara 2015 is updated and I hope none in missing

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 DIY vol 2.
Was: old unused belts
Now:  few new collars for our darlings







 Marks & Spencer  have great collector items on sell,  Scottish shortbread cookies in very special tin. After seeing in Facebook my friends in UK  started to share the info how many tins are still left in different M & S stores we went to our  Marks & Spencer here in Estonia and bought  them too.

There is different picture on each 4 side of tin and it creates picture if 4 tins side by side. Cookies are delicious too. Me likes!

( CH Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me)
knows how to make happy couching in style of high order :)

Just could’nt resist to upload whole series of Entel posing for camera.

Please notice she is wearing her new collar  handmade by me.

This type of soft collars are so good in every day usage.

I might have few available , contact me if you like it.


See the photos:

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Some times ago I was posting about my DIY project when I wanted to try out  leatherwork, and made collars for our own dogs.

No surprising that I get so easily into new addictions, this one was not to be meant different in any way :)

So I did some more collars – these six I donated to charity match show for their awards.

Match show was held last weekend here in Estonia and was arranged by MTU Jooksev Koer. 

Ther show helping handicapped three legged dogs by crafting the supporting frames so these dogs can walk again.




Guess game!

Probably not hard to guess that this looks like DIY collar project.  Something what I have had in my mind quite long time and is in my mind actually every time when we have puppies.  So the best solution is to make them to be ready for our next puppies.

Just unbelievable how can I get addicted every time when I try the new type of crafts!
So I bought more paisley fabric and making new soft leather collars for all ours.

Scroll down to see how they turned out :)

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Lilli have been in spotlight of several Great photographers in breed whose photos we have been admired many many years.

All these photos I was happy to see as lovely surprise, all of them were taken as candid from ringside in shows.
I am going to publish them in next posts.

This beautiful portrait of Lilli – C.I.B  CH Al Khabara Graceful Me is by Soile Huomo, kennel Hearthill in Finland.

We always have admired Soile’s great talent to capture the moments and breed essence in one click.  It is always emotions included in Soile’s photos.

Here is our Lilli, standing side of our show tent, just before entering to show ring.  Look at that proud expression, knowing her value, she seem to have a plan to show off, and there seem to be something in her mind we only can guess :)

Thank you Soile for this great portrait and also for the beautiful movement shot of Lilli is showring:

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Entel  ( JCH Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me) did some modelling of the latest snoods made by me and here is gallery of  all the kind of snoods.  Got hooked  and did some more than we need for ours so  ….  few of them is available – Harem snoods like pictured here – available is  goldenrod yellow, red, old rose pink, pink….

Also I have available some very comfortable crocheted long pattern snoods with elastic edges and some touch of  gold or silver in colors royal blue, pale maroon, light purple.  All are machine washable and last for years. Delictae lacework from 100% high quality cotton and last for years!  Contact me if interested

To see the snoods  available, look here

Gallery of Entel, who is best Model ever, posing and has patience, she seem enjoy it :)

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Time to time I sew few pair more rainboots than we need ourselves and therefore can offer these available.

Just now I have pair of  long and lined boots in red available.  Be prepared for autumn shows ;)

Contact me if interested to have these high quality rainboots or snoods – we have few snoods available aswell. See the page here:

Contact me if interested in.






Looking for snood?
I have this fine crocheted, 100% cotton, bright yellow snood available, machine washable and with elastic edges, head size 14″ /35cm.

Contact me!

Mr Mouzi and Nikki – they were lifetime buddies, both born same year, Nikki in January and Mouzi in February 2003.

This picture is web design made by me and was cover for our website many years. Mouzi and Nikki were shown and travelling together. They grow up together when Mouzi came from Australia in June 2003.

We had a dream to make photos of them both like on this cover art picture, at Sunday 24.02 when also Mouzi get 10 years old.

Nikki died 22.02…. So the dream photo never came true….. but we did lot pictures of MrMouzi, stay tuned, next posting on the way! ;)

Random pictures
heh g2_img_4034 Grace