jamie-mouzta-9-yo GUILTY.
Sleeping innocent and full  like done nothing wrong. Brothers. 9 years old. Mouztafa and Jamie.
One would expect to be smarter in that age, but hey-hoo?
Few days ago they were eating my leather wallet with half what is in there (half from every card….- this way). The back of wallet, pretty big piece of leather – turned out very delicious, euros were thrown on the floor like useless. So I got these back.
Some days after that when we did emergency call because we had tree brand fallen on electricity line because too heavy snow covered it…after I came indoor finally I found out my candies, jelly beans, all gone and found the empty bag hidden under their bed. Who?
Not these two ?
No… we have no clue who did this!
Should I be ready for another emergency call ??? Can these candies cause allergic reaction ??? Does anyone know?

PS: Yes, I am the one who LOVE Mondays. weekends usually are too much for me lol.
PPS: No, it did not cause allergic reaction, tg!

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It was quite a limited year of showing for us because we we were only looking to finish  three of our International Champions which these young littermates did with ease and   remarkable is that we were travelling quite a lot this year to see breed in different parts of Europe  therefore  # of showing was not on the list of importancy this year.

So – we’ve got
three new International Champions this year – all they are from our young ( 3 years old) G-litter:

C.I.B  Al Khabara Graceful Me (pictured)
C.I.B Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy
C.I.B Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing

Little overview also tells that 2014 we’ve got also 5 new Championtitles and some Best of Breed winners as well Best of Group placements in different countries.

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 One of these nice weekends out in walk with handful Al Khabara’s.
From the left:

Lilli – C.I.B CH Al Khabara Graceful Me – 3 years old
Gracie – C.I.B CH Kingsleah Amazing of Grace – 9 years old
Soffi – Al Khabara Escada – 2 years old
Mouztafa – C.I.B CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa – 8 years old
Entel – CH Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me – 2 years old
Bengu – C.I.B CH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing – 3 years old.

To mention, Grace is Mama to Lilli, Soffi, Entel And Bengu and Mouztafa and Grace are parents to Soffi and Entel.

And…. there is represented  Al Khabara’s  from three of our litters – F, G and E.
So it is kind  of family portrait here :)

See more photos here:


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 Our F-litter got 8 years old earlier in October,  they all go strong and running wild with youngsters only the greying on muzzle lets aim the age and  thy all have been healthy all these years.

Here is Mouztafa ( C.I.B. CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa) pictured last weekend when we were at walk with 6 of our dogs, stay tuned for more photos as soon I get a moment to upload.

Mouztafa is Sire of our E-litter born 2012.

Still so hard to believe they are now in age of veterans.



One of these rare times when I had mobile phone in hand so I captured the moment I see every day, part of our daily life here at Al Khabara.

Our kitchen watchers today – Mouztafa and Lilli – aren’t they cute?!

Below is pictured the view to my daily walking route, it is about 2,5 km long and all like that or even more beautiful!

Very nice to live here, very little traffic and dogs enjoy the walks.

We had such a luck this year as
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And here comes King of Snowland :)
Mouztafa enjoying snow, look how he run ON the snow, taking attention how deep it is, up to elbows;) What a fun !!!!
Mouztafa (C.I.B INT CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa) is sire of our current E-litter 2012 who is to going to have their first snow run today :):):)
This video was made at 2008 and today is just right time to publish it to celebrate the SNOW  we finally got after long suffering in wet, rainy and dark autumn.

Our 5y old Mouztafa (CIB Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa) and 7y old Grace ( CIB Kingsleah Amazing Grace)
have had  their official ultrasound heart check  done and both are FREE/CLEAN from signs of AS, PS nor DKM/DCM .
Both of them also have eyes checked and clear from  PRA, RD, HC

We are very happy!


Mouztafa and Grace are parents of our planned summer litter 2012!


Mouztafa and Bengu were traveling to Lithuania, to show at two international shows.
Lithuanian shows are definitely one of our  very favorite ones. 

Saturday 17.dec.2011:
And so it went successfully for Bengu ( EST JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing ) and  for Mouztafa (CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa).
Mouztafa was Best of Opposite Sex and Best Male in Breed with CACIB.Bengu was Best Junior in Breed, got LT JCAC and therefore achieved 2 more titles: LV JCH and BALT JCH!
She got 11 month old only few days ago and  alltogether achieved the titles BALT, EST, LV, LT JCH  in three month!
We are very excited with Bengu!

Sunday 18.dec.2011:
All the same results for  Mouztafa and Bengu :
Mouztafa was Best of Opposite Sex and Best Male in Breed with CACIB. Bengu was Best Junior in Breed !

Thank you judges so much  for appreciating our breeding!

Showresults  updated.
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