Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily


Second show for Smokey and Roxanna :)
BOB Baby – Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation “Smokey”
BOS Baby – Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily “Roxanna”
29.August 2015  at Haapsalu All Breed Show!

We were impressed how expertly the Afghan Hound babies were handled and went through that they wagged tails and were happy in judging. Thank you so lot judge Mr Matgo Law, Hong Kong for the nice experience from showring for our 5 month old babies and for nice descriptions ! Unfortunately we have not photos from ring as we both handled but here is some candid shots and video comes a bit later.




bob_img_8886 Our 5 month old L-babies has their very first show results !

23.08.2015 International Show, Baltic Winner 2015, Estonia,

Judge Ramune Kazlauskaite/Lithuania

Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation: Baby class 4-6 month 1, Excellent 1, EAH (Special Prize), BOB BABY
Judges Comments:
5 month old, very good in type, nice development, nice proportions, good bones, nice long head, very good chest & angulations, good movement

Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily: Baby class 4-6 month 1,  EAH (Special Prize), BOS Baby
Judges Comments:
5 month old very good develop for age, nice head and expression, very good topline, chest and angulation, nice movement

What a nice and fun weekend this was! Here is gallery of all photos and will update more in next week and we have video  to upload too!

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g3_mg_8530 Participant of Baby Classes in future shows !

Roxanna think this happy face would entertain judges in her future shows ? Photo is from collection “100 different faces of little clown called Roxanna”  These pictures were made July,19 and Roxanna is 4 month old  here.


g3_img_8470  No matter how we’ve been ignoring what she telling us, this little girl made is obviously clear that she is the one who is staying home from our L-litter 

Roxanna is like little satellite following me everywhere and  even when I exercise with other puppy she comes between us and gait side of me, wide smile on.

Our L-kids got 4 month old and can start now to travel and meet their new families this month. Here we did some new pictures of them. Tho something went wrong with camera or chosen place in shadow and resulted un sharp pictures, it was also hot day so the shadow was still priority. Here is some pictures of them:


b2_img_6481  Hopeless if you try to be serious here behind the camera  :)  Roxanna enjoying herself, after all, hey, this is Roxanna  – our little daily entertainer.
Making new pictures almost every day, summer is great time and this year also so good, warm and not hot.  Definitely makes good reason why our blog is so behind this month! But lot postings on the way, so stay tuned!

Here is some more pictures from puppy garden:

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 Roxanna is most active girl puppy in the pack. She always find the way, she knows everything and she knows what she want and how she like it :D

So yesterday she decided there is no need of whatsoever of snood photos and wanted to stand on table and look over raining garden.  As you see there was not of course any trouble to get standing photos of her, just hold your hands in right place for photo and shoot as many you want.

Roxanna is Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily
If I would write up one story every day, we would publish a book of her already.

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Growing up way too fast, babies today get 16 month old. Few days ago, at our Midsummer, we had plans to drive out for photos and fun for them, but rain took over the plans so yesterday  we thought we take the traditional “wearing Mom’s snood”  photos with monkey whiskers they now got.

Roxanna had her own plans so her photos in next post.
Here they all are – enjoy the photos:

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Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation - SmokeySome new photos of L-puppies got 3 month old and now waiting time after vaccination, so stay tuned with us for more photos in next 4 weeks before they start travel to their new homes.

Smiling hello from Smokey ( Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) ,

see more smilies here:

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L-team 11 week oldOur little ones from L-team!

Time goes too fast, they are 11 week old.  Here is a bit longer post with photos made by our special visitor Jane who is Master to capture special moments and emotions of little ones, take a look here:

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Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily

Girl 3, Brindle domino, from our L-litter by

CIB CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me

Pictured 4 and 4,5  weeks old .
Names are not fully confirmed yet but this lil’ girl got her name by honour of her Mom Lilli.  This is very special litter for us and therefore we decided to name then by Mom or Dad.  Yes , girls will all have Lily in their names :)

 Here is more photos of her from 4 week old:

Random pictures
img_6604pri 2013-04-21_img_3143 2011_02_4week