Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy

ltu-diplomid Well, the header saying it all, but the truth is that we got confirmed all the LT CH titles we had waiting and ready to send out but time it goes ….
So – the six LT CH titles for Al Khabara dogs confirmed, next pack of confirmations waiting to send out asap.
Was organizing a documents lately and noticed how many titles was left without applications…. What a pity. – at future, decision made, confirming right after show or not entering at all.


Drums and trumpets, please!!! 
Bengu took reserve – BEST OF GROUP, BEST OF BREED, RU CAC and CACIB   today at International Show in Kaliningrad, Russia
This was Bengu’s last CACIB so she is now brand new C.I.B International Champion aswell new title for here RU CH so Bengu is now
C.I.B EST LT RU CH Balt Est Lv Lt JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing 
Also our Morris ( CH Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy)  finished his C.I.B International Ch title in same show going BOS to bengu and gaining CACIB and CAC
Thank you so much to Judges !!!

MorrisWe have NEW Champion again!

Morris finished his title nicely being Best Of Breed  at Hunting Breeds Specialty Show in 11.05.2013 and  is now EST LT CH EST JCH Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy

Morris is 3rd champion from our still 2 years old G-litter by  Moritz and Grace  (SBIS C.I.B Agha Djari’s Urban Cowbly x SBOS C.I.B Kingsleah Amazing Grace) born 2011.

Morris now take a little brake from shows till  his coat is settled into adult coat and till his waiting time passing for final CACIB to finish his International CH title . Morris has 3 CACIBs already and he also has Lithuanian CH waiting to confirmation aswell he has VDH CAC from German Sighthound Specialty Show.


11.05.2013 Hunting Breeds Specialty Show, Türi, Estonia

Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy: Open Class, Excellent 1,  EST CAC, BEST DOG, BEST OF BREED, ESTONIAN  CHAMPION
Judges Comments:
Right in size & type, good proportions, nice outline, very nice head, nice oriental eyes, good neck and shoulders, well proportioned body, well layd hocks, good quality of coat, nice tail, sound mover.

Al Khabara Escada: Junior Class, Excellent 1, EST JCAC, BOB JUNIOR, BEST BITCH, BEST OPPOSITE SEX
Judges Comments:
Developing young bitch, nice typical outline, nice shortly bodied, nice feminine,head, good neck, well lay back shoulders, nice parallel front legs, good chest for her age, good bone & rear.

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Great shownews from Lithuania for our Morris and Bengu!

16.12.2012 International Show, Vilnius Christmas Cup 2012

15.12.2012 International Show, Vilnius Winner 2012

First day Morris (Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy)  was best Male 2 and got RCACIB which turns to CACIB and Bengu  (Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) was Best Female and got LT CAC and CACIB
At second day Morris (Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy)  took Best Male and BEST OF BREED, LT CC and CACIB and Bengu  (Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) was Best Female  again and got LT CAC and CACIB
Morris now has alltogether 3 CACIB’s and is waiting time to pass 1 year and 1 day to compete the last one for his International Champion title, and Bengu opened her score for her… Continue reading

19.08.2012 International, Baltic Winner 2012, Estonia,

Adriana Griffa/Italy

Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy:
Intermediate class Excellent 1, res CACIB (=CACIB)
Judges Comments:
20 months, excellent type, nice eyes, good neck and topline, front &rear
angulation, moves well, good tail carriage, excellent coat, good temperament.

Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing:
Intermediate Class  Excellent 1, Best Female 2,  res-CACIB
Judges Comments:
Nice feminine head, good neck, good head, moves well with good tail carriage,
good temperament

Al Khabara Graceful Me:
Open Class Excellent 1, Best Female 4
Judges Comments:
20 months, feminine head, correct proportions, moves well, good sized bitch,
good coat, good temperament


These beautiful photos made by Jane Jaggo
We also thank you, Kristel for your help in handling Bengu




img_1479lilli Al Khabara Guess I'm Amazing

Traditional international Estonian Winner show 2012 results for ours  only placings this year:
Bengu  (Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing ) took Intermediate Class Excellent 1 and placed  BB 3
Morris (Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy) Junior Class Excellent 2, BM 4
Our dogs enjoyed the ringside and made friendship by widening their fanclub.
We did pictures after show and here is Lilli and Bengu, thank you Salla Suokas !

Here is gallery, including photos made by Jane Jaggo, Thea Männi and some by us. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!

After World Dog Show in Austria we took busy drive to Germany, Zehlendorf where it was two day Sighthound Specialty at 19-20.05.2012.

Show was very well organized, nice place, nice people and weather was just wonderful sunny but not too hot. First day was judged by sighthound specialist Mr György Tesic and what a great results for our youngsters!

Morris (EST JCH Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy) took intermediate class and did it down to BEST MALE and BOS and got German VDH CAC, which opens his German Champion title, we are very happy for him!

Lilli ( BALT EST LV LT JCH, Tal-JW-12 Al Khabara Graceful Me) was reserve BEST FEMALE and got German VDH CAC, too and

Bengu ( BALT EST LV LT JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) took Open Class and got res- CAC… Continue reading

Photo by Soile Perjus By Julia Kashuba

Pictured is Lilli ( EST LT JCH TAL JW-12 Al Khabara Graceful Me)
intermediate class #4 placement.

This beautiful photo is made by Soile Perjus, thank you a lot!

Photo at right is Morris (EST JCH Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy) and this beautiful photo is made by Julia Kashuba, thank you a lot!

This is all I have to post about World Dog Show at moment because we only have critics and more critics this time in mind.
The only two positive things were that we liked the Best Of  Breed winner a lot, very well deserved and that we were very pleasured with our own dogs.

I am taking time to  sort and resize all the  photos for upload and then getting back to this posting.

Here is updated gallery of photos from World… Continue reading

photo by Ailen Timuska

Lilli and Morris did great at Hunting Dog Specialty show in Türi, Estonia.

It was sunny day, but pretty cold, extremely windy and even rainy. Lilli and Morris did not care of that and enjoyed in full the starring against wind and Lilli  (EST LT JCH TAL JW-12 Al Khabara Graceful Me)
took  Best Female  and BEST OF BREED  out of junior class ! 

Morris (EST JCH Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy)  did well too – he was Best male and Best of Opposite Sex out of intermediate class.

Finally, in big ring they took BEST BRACE IN SHOW !

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Al Khabara Graceful Me

Morris and Lilli had show-weekend at Tallinn International show.
It was second indoor show for Lilli and we were amazed how lot she enjoyed to “sail” around like all this world is hers :)
She also liked to meet all the dogs and people – sending hello to Salla in Finland!
Morris enjoyed to show off, too and so he won junior class, was BOS junior and finally placed Best Male # 4.
Lilli placed 2nd best junior female.
Lilli and Morris are now 13 month old.

Showresults updated
See Gallery from show:
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Al Khabara Guess I'm Amazing BOS

Bengu and Morris were going to All Breed Show in Narva judged by Lidia Repina from Russia.

And what a day for young 10 month old Bengu! She went Best Female in Breed and BOS third show in row!
Bengu (Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) also was Best Junior in Breed, got the last necessary J CC and by the way finished her very first title – EST JCH

Her brother Morr did well, too. He did it down to Best male 2 which is great result for very young, only 10 month old male.
Morris, aka  Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy was  winner of Junior males,  BOS Junior, EST J CC, EST JCH, Best Male 2

So, both have their very first official titles now!

See gallery.

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Showresults – Tartu International Show 5-6.11.2011
of  Guess I’m Amazing, Gracious Me, Guardian Cowboy and Grand Geronimo added


Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing,  9 month old winning BEST FEMALE IN BREED  at International show second weekend on row  and in two different countries.  Bengu did it again- this time at Tartu International Show!
Amazing Bengu – gained 2 CACIB which she can not take because too young, only 9 month old;)
She also was Best Junior in Breed and got her 2nd JCAC.
Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy was very first time in Junior class  and got  JCAC both days and went reserve-BEST MALE IN BREED at Sunday ! We are very proud Morris – to be BM #2 at age 9 month old at international show where it was dogs from 4 different countries and from 7 different kennels.
Thank you Mr Tino Pehar making the show very special and memorable  for us and appreciating our youngsters so high! Thank You!

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Random pictures
img_1413w-1024x767 2007_tallinnby-thea Mustikka