Al Khabara Grace Of Love

Maasu and Musti news from Haapsalu All Breed DS at Saturday 24.08.2019
Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love)
Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster)
BIS 1 BRACE – They enjoyed the show off and move together!
BIS Brace Judge Linda Jürgens, Estonia
Thank you so much for this memorable time! Palju tänu !!!

Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) Veteran Class, Excellent 1 , Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex, Best Brace In Show, Best Veteran) was BOS and also BOB Veteran,

Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) was BOS Veteran and placed in Best Male 4 aswell. Judge Nicola Smolic

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Maasu and Musti news from Haapsalu All Breed DS at Sunday 25.08.2019
Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love)
Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster)
BIS 2 BRACE – They enjoyed the show off and move together again!

BIS Brace Judge Joakim Ohlsson (SWE)
Thank you so much!

Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love)  was BOS and also BOB Veteran,  

Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) was BOS Veteran and placed in Best Male aswell. Judge Ekaterina Senashenko(RU).



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We had such a great day in Luige  – at International Dog Show in Estonia 18.08.2019!
First we want to say great thank you to Estonian Kennel Union for organizing such a great show – large rings, room for parking and being- just so proud we have  show like that in Estonia.

We had Granddaughters with us and they enjoyed the day too. Mustikas never been so well groomed by Elenora and Emilie and he got a gentle hugs after being in ring!
Maasu (C.I.B CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love ) enjoyed to show off  and move in large ring and she did us so proud again – BEST OF BREED  from Veteran Class ! She was also a Best veteran in Breed. Thank you  to Judge Grzegorz Weron, Poland!

Maasu was awarded BIS 4 Veteran by Liliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium
Then Maasu and Musti went to Brace competition and were awarded BIS 2 Brace by Valeria Rickard, USA
Maasu was awarded BEST in GROUP 2 by Grzegorz Weron,Poland

Musti was in Champion class and got second place with excellent.We have lot of pictures and I link videos too. Lot of photos this time, seen in here:

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mg_1517-maasu-gr-2 What a weekend at Pärnu International DS , 6.07.2017 in Estonia!

Maasu ( C.I.B EST LV LT RUS CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) was BOB Veteran, Best Bitch,  BEST OF BREED and finally GROUP II in very strong GROUP X  and onlyone to repesenting Estonia in the Group results.
EST LV LT CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster: Champion Class, Excellent 1 , Best Dog, CACIB, BOS

Big thank you to Judge Anca Giura, Romania
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mg_1303-maasu-hugging-2 First time in Veteran Class! What a wonderful show-weekend it turned out!

Sunday, 30.06.2019 Imavere All Breed DS the results were
Maasu-  C.I.B EST LV LT RUS CH (Al Khabara Grace Of Love): Best Veteran, Best Bitch,  BEST OF BREED, GROUP 3

Mustikas – EST LV LT CH (Al Khabara Gentle Gangster): BOS Veteran, Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex

Al Khabara Grace of Love and Gentle Gangster : Brace, Excellent 1 , BIS BRACE IN SHOW 3


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mg_0882-002-gr-3 Musti GROUP 3, BEST OF BREED, LV CAC yesterday in Valmiera, Latvia –
Musti Mission is – AL KHABARA GENTLE GANGSTER (C.I.B Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x C.I.B Kingsleah Amazing Grace)

His sister Maasu (C.I.B EST LT RUS CH AL KHABARA GRACE OF LOVE) was BOS and LV CAC – she is now LV CHAMPION !
Thank you to Judges   Jos De Cuyper / Belgium and Myrna Shiboleth /Israel
Musti and Maasu went to  brace too, great photo ! See:

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ltu-diplomid Well, the header saying it all, but the truth is that we got confirmed all the LT CH titles we had waiting and ready to send out but time it goes ….
So – the six LT CH titles for Al Khabara dogs confirmed, next pack of confirmations waiting to send out asap.
Was organizing a documents lately and noticed how many titles was left without applications…. What a pity. – at future, decision made, confirming right after show or not entering at all.


img_2871fb Maasu (EST LT CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love)  was travelling to Russia at weekend and despite of heavy rain and strong winds with flying showtents, she took home the new title RUS CH,  Cacib and BEST of BREED!
She was placing in Group 3 being all over wet like stepping out of bathtube.
But our sporty Maasu did it finish the new title for her, what a trip with results
Thank you for judges making out trip memorable!

Photo is taken weeks earlier, as I was there alone with Maasu and no cameras  so I do not have photos from this show


img_2704fb Pictured is SMOKEY ( CH Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation )  in Best Male competition in line.
What I can see that he does not feel youngster anymore taking attention his expression says pretty clearly that he now is adult and knows his value :)  Only few month ago he got 2 years old and competing in adult classes now.

All the same weekend few of ours travel to  Specialty Show in Finland to see breed and allow our young dogs to enjoy large showring.
Weather was perfect and, like previous time  in same show – the large birds took the lights over showring – to make us alert just in case to make sure ours can’t fly after them.
Only one class placement with excellents for all hence the showresults not to announce but only some photos and  videos.
Knew before registering dogs that this breeder judge bred different type and values so no problems with ours no valued.

I only have one video in camera before batteries got empty and this is Smokey in class judging. I like so lot the moment how he in turning the head to judge to look “at and through” to judge before judge check his head.  Expression and essence of breed is so very important for us as breeders.
So it will be photo blogging this time, enjoy !  S more here:

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img_0475fbb-maasu Finally our weekend results from international shows in Druzkininkai, Lithuania where I had Maasu and Smokey showing. Finally no rain!

Long story to short, we took home 2 CACIB, 2 res-CACIB’s, 2 CAC’s and  one new  LT Champion!

But here is breakdown and all the photos:
First day Maasu ( CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) took res-CACIB, judge  Mr J.Liimatainen, Finland.
Second day Maasu took CACIB, BOS and *new* title LT CH, sighthound judge Elena Agafonova , Russia. THANK YOU :)

Did not got a classic BOS & BOB photo, well at least I was trying, never mind, but posting Maasu’s moving and more photos from ring.
Maasu is from our G-litter by Int CH Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x Int CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace.

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maas3 Weekend news turned up that cool as two youngsters from our latest litter, 17 month old, got their first CACIB’s this past weekend – SMOKEY ( JCH Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) at Adazi I nternational Show in Latvia, under pouring heavy rain and
ROCKY ( Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock) from International show in Ransäter, Sweden 
as the res-CACIB’s turn into CACIBs for both of them.

Both boys opened their International Championship plus Rocky opened his Swedish Championship with his SWE CAC.

What a pity we do not have any picture from Latvia because the rain and flashing was that bad and my hands were busy with holding up the tent and grooming dogs for Alex to take into ring one by one.

But I have only these  few moving pictures and  little video clip of  Maasu, who did not dare of rain, but as heavier it rained ( and you can hear how heavily it poured down when watching the video below this post) than more fed up she also got and she refused to go inside of  judges tent. She is stubborn – haha – but she likes to move  and show off.

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Great weekend at international Estonian Winner 2016 show  05.06.2016 – Smokey and Roxanna finished their first titles !
Smokey BOB Junior, EST JCAC, EST JW-2016, Crufts Qualification-17 and later Junior BIS III !!!
He is now EST, BALT, LV, LT JCH, EST JW-16, TLN JWCup-16 Al Khabara Let me Be Your Sensation. Smokey also went Reserve Best Male, but as junior he did not compete for CACIB

Roxanna BOS Junior, EST CAC, EST JW-2016, Crufts Qualification-17 and she also closed her junior titles waiting for application: EST LV JCH, TLN JWCup-16, EST JW-16 Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily and she was BB-3

We also had Maasu entered (CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) and she placed in CH class.

Our sincere thanks to sighthound judge Anette Edlander, Sweden!

Estonian Winner is biggest dogshow here In Estonia and we traditionally take our dogs there almost yearly. Show is held at Kalevi stadium where is large grassy rings, always room for tents and quick parking.  To be honest, this year I was schocked of small ring for Afghan Hounds but as it was last breed in ring  then ring stewards were so kind and removed belt between two rings so Afghan Hounds could move breed typically more than steps way and back.  Huge thanks from our team, that meant  also dogs can enjoy to be in ring. Unfortunately this year show might stay as last one there as  restoration of stadium is planned since 2017.

We got such a surprise visitors Ene and Kalle, owners of 12 years old Saluki Dhaka bred by us,  how nice it was meet you both and thank you for making our day even more special !

Thank you Salla Suokas for your help with Smokey for the picture, grandson of Moritz
and Pille Saar for great photo of Smokey in Junior BIS ring

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Random pictures
tutti-racing-bicester-track-22092013 img_1406w-1024x768 Hamie running