Al Khabara Fabulouz Fakir

2011_07_23haapsalu-2 The saddest moment is when the one who gave you the great memories becomes A Memory ….
With deep sadness – 1.10.2006 – 18.7.2019

CH Al Khabara Fabulouz Fakir, “Jamie”
by CH Karakush Its Unanimous x CIB CH Al Khabara Ahabatha

Hüvasti armas oravake, oled igavesti meie mälestustes

jamie-mouzta-9-yo GUILTY.
Sleeping innocent and full  like done nothing wrong. Brothers. 9 years old. Mouztafa and Jamie.
One would expect to be smarter in that age, but hey-hoo?
Few days ago they were eating my leather wallet with half what is in there (half from every card….- this way). The back of wallet, pretty big piece of leather – turned out very delicious, euros were thrown on the floor like useless. So I got these back.
Some days after that when we did emergency call because we had tree brand fallen on electricity line because too heavy snow covered it…after I came indoor finally I found out my candies, jelly beans, all gone and found the empty bag hidden under their bed. Who?
Not these two ?
No… we have no clue who did this!
Should I be ready for another emergency call ??? Can these candies cause allergic reaction ??? Does anyone know?

PS: Yes, I am the one who LOVE Mondays. weekends usually are too much for me lol.
PPS: No, it did not cause allergic reaction, tg!

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