Writing few words of Swedish Sighthound Specialty Show in Tammsvik, 26.07.2014.

Year 2014 have been for us seeing breed in different parts of Europe so we did last minute decision to visit the specialty show in Sweden to see the breed there, especially as we knew that Sire of our next litter – Halo, CH Polo’s T’Kabik Sensation planning to go there too.

With great difficulties to find someone to stay in our home and take care of our dogs so that we both can go – heartfelt thanks goes to our daughter. Luck was all by our side as we literally got ferry tickets, car place and cabin where dogs allowed on ferry in last minute.  Then also hotel in Sweden, not far from show site.

Luck seemed to turn away when it was +30C (86ºF) already day before travelling, the one and only from us suffering the heat is actually me, and second time when we realized that judge in show has different goals or likes or dislikes  of our two girl than what we, as breeder have, but we took that chance before entering so no big deal. We definitely had no goal to achieve breeder of Best of Breed Skokloster second time in life  but to see breed and male classes especially as last time we visited Sweden and this same specialty show was many many many years ago.

Entries were much smaller, I remember it was tents in 3 row around show ring and now it was free places all around…. Also there was not entered the kennels or males I so would hoped to see in real in that weekend…well, must go back another time then :)

Something I was so positively surprised was that even in +30C heat all the dogs moved in long loose leash and I only noticed 1-2 who had meatball close the nose to make them move.  Sweden is the country when we first time visited the Skokloster at end of 90’ies and admired how they let move their dogs  and that isn’t changed.
No, the dogs did not seemed to be trained, but actually enjoyed to be in ring, or maybe enjoying is not right word, natural is that houndy breed can be and move few times in 5 minutes just like that without any extra fuzz about it.
Our Lilli and Bengu too enjoyed to show off and did not mind about heat at all.
In extreme rain or  extreme sun – they do not mind :)
With great joy we later found out that Lilli became favorite of photographers, many thanks to all the nice photos we value each and one!

Also it was just awesomely wonderful to meet the people we haven’t met long time, show site was so beautiful and chill as always there.

It was extremely nice to meet Halo and Liv and of course we are so impressed of Halo – Sire of our next litter –  CH Polo’s T’Kabik Sensation, in ring and ring side. He was impressing us by his balanced movement and all his essence – he was also moving with Alex and we were totally inlove to him after going through and seeing his personality whole day.  He has all that we value so high in breed!  No extreme any way and just like from ages of past.
Lot of Halo and Lilli photos comes in different post.
Here is Halo pictured in showring.

Second day was traditional Afghan Hound specialty show, unofficial so no CAC given. We were driving there at morning to see male classes and supposed to leave to port in Stockholm before the female classes started, therefore ours were not entered. We were impressed to see black veteran dog CH Jangel’s Cadiblack who moved my eyes out in same +30 C  – we saw him in same show winning BOB at year 2006 if I remember the year right. It was same year when our Gracie was BOS Intermediate , they are born in same year. Love to see old dogs in great condition and especially when they enjoy to be taken to show so much, just reminded me our Grace so much, she too enjoyed whole last year in showrings.

Back to port and night on ferry, at morning we arrived to Tallinn and home. It was very nice weekend and hoping we can visit Sweden again!




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