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Phoebe also got a new crocheted snood, making sure, spring is on the way and she has airy snood to cover her hair at garden walks and not to bring whole botanical selection indoor in her long ear hair.
Phoebe have  pretty hair and now it is safe.
Snood is of course 100% cotton and  crocheted by me. Snood has elastic edges at both side so it stay on very well.
I have some more as got hooked in crocheting again :) Take a look!

2017-cotton-fabric Phoebe got new  cotton snood tho she was not in the mood of modelling but I took some pics of her .

Also I did the red one for Roxanna, who was too busy for stand by for showing it so Phoebe modelling the red on too.
These snoods for sure staying up well at meal time and not falling down on face.
I can do few more red snoods, those interested contact me or order here

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Entel  ( JCH Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me) did some modelling of the latest snoods made by me and here is gallery of  all the kind of snoods.  Got hooked  and did some more than we need for ours so  ….  few of them is available – Harem snoods like pictured here – available is  goldenrod yellow, red, old rose pink, pink….

Also I have available some very comfortable crocheted long pattern snoods with elastic edges and some touch of  gold or silver in colors royal blue, pale maroon, light purple.  All are machine washable and last for years. Delictae lacework from 100% high quality cotton and last for years!  Contact me if interested

To see the snoods  available, look here

Gallery of Entel, who is best Model ever, posing and has patience, she seem enjoy it :)

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Time to time I sew few pair more rainboots than we need ourselves and therefore can offer these available.

Just now I have pair of  long and lined boots in red available.  Be prepared for autumn shows ;)

Contact me if interested to have these high quality rainboots or snoods – we have few snoods available aswell. See the page here:

Contact me if interested in.






Looking for snood?
I have this fine crocheted, 100% cotton, bright yellow snood available, machine washable and with elastic edges, head size 14″ /35cm.

Contact me!

Entel (Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me)  and Soffi  (Al Khabara Escada) had a modelling session showing the latest snood fashion :)

See Entel and see Soffi the sisters from our E-litter presenting their beautiful heads, both 1 year old.

Few snoods available as we did them few more than we need, check it out and contact me if interested.

See the headstudies of Entel and Soffi:

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Random pictures
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