mg_0169-001fb It have been very dark, rainy, wet and boring autumn. What makes your heart to sing and  eye to spark is the family of three generations  middle of happy couching while you are trying to get the kitchen duties done. Looking  these eyecandies on the couch in kitchen makes everything to go like flash :)

Pictured is from left: Lilli, who is in energy saving  mode while dinner is not on table yet,  her Daughter Roxanna, her  Grandmother Grace, 10 years old and her Grandson Rocky, 8 month old.  Lilli knows nothing drop till food is not ready, Roxanna and Rocky are hopeful and Grace never lose the hope to get a piece of something tasty.

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Another comparison picture –  Like a Mom like a Son
Lilli (CIB Al Khabara Graceful Me) is pictured by Soile Huomo in Finland year ago in August and Smokey (Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation) is pictured week ago in August , 5 month old, by Kerttu Koppel. Huge thank you both!
We think these two photos are just amazing side by side, same show tent as background, both pictured just a moment before they enter to ring.
So many emotions in these two photos!



lilli_img_7382w Mama Lilli disagree to stay home when we take pupskins to ride, she get restless as soon we start pack the van with picnic basket and cameras and  it is not any way questionable if she jumping into van or not. Lilli knows what she want and always get it :)

Here she is and showing off her monkey whiskers isn’t she cute ? Soon of course saying good bye to the fuzzy face to be ready for showings with her pups who today got 4 month old
Lilli is C.I.B CH Al Khabara Graceful Me


LILLI  showing her BLUE COAT just as proud as the models side of her, and looking into camera same way as they do :)
Lilli is C.I.B CH Al Khabara Graceful Me and this post would  easily be as Lilli loves camera vol 4 or Camera loves Lilli vol 5 . Shortly – Lilli had photo shoot for Otto catalogue advertisement in Buduaar  magazine published last month here in Estonia. It was rainy day and slight breeze but Lilli did it like a professional ;)

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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,
Lilli (C.I.B. CH Al Khabara Graceful Me)
wishing everyone a wonderful beginning of Autumn!


Fall has arrived. Behold the changing leaves, and enjoy the crisp breeze. Let your eyes take in the bursts of color. Transformation is afoot and hope is in the air :)

Now that is naughtiest of naughty! I feel totally misused and manipulated!
It is already late evening, very late yes 1.23 am. I am almost sleeping and hoping to get bed. But Lilli have a problem, she asking me piip-piip-piip – we must go outdoor so I take my legs and off we go. I am waiting some time in kitchen while she is done and want back in. 
Upstair we go. I am just to take laptop to look email last time and to close and there she is – Mom, take your legs out, I NEED TO GO out!!! Ouch, seem I was not patient enough so she did not got done there. My poor tired and slow legs step downstair in half sleep so I do not fall and my one painful knee will still… Continue reading


Finally evening. Coffe and TV news.

Lilli at my side and looking news too.
Sport. The athlete runs and preparing to throw the javelin.
Lilli is alert, topknot rising  

When athlete throws javelin to air, Lilli quickly turns head to side, away from the way of javelin



Writing few words of Swedish Sighthound Specialty Show in Tammsvik, 26.07.2014.

Year 2014 have been for us seeing breed in different parts of Europe so we did last minute decision to visit the specialty show in Sweden to see the breed there, especially as we knew that Sire of our next litter – Halo, CH Polo’s T’Kabik Sensation planning to go there too.

With great difficulties to find someone to stay in our home and take care of our dogs so that we both can go – heartfelt thanks goes to our daughter. Luck was all by our side as we literally got ferry tickets, car place and cabin where dogs allowed on ferry in last minute.  Then also hotel in Sweden, not far from show site.

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Lilli  – C.I.B  CH Al Khabara Graceful Me  by Yvonne Mukkavaara, pictured in Sweden

I know Yvonne’s photos since many many many years and often when I saw beautiful photo of someone’s dog and then her signature with photo it is something special in the way Yvonne captures the emotions of moment like on this photo of Lilli and Alex who is professional photograph himself (in past) but now always on the other side of camera, handling our dogs :)

Visiting Swedish show this year we were so surprised seeing lovely photos of Lilli in Yvonnes Facebook album.

Thank you Yvonne for beautiful pictures!


Lilli have been in spotlight of several Great photographers in breed whose photos we have been admired many many years.

All these photos I was happy to see as lovely surprise, all of them were taken as candid from ringside in shows.
I am going to publish them in next posts.

This beautiful portrait of Lilli – C.I.B  CH Al Khabara Graceful Me is by Soile Huomo, kennel Hearthill in Finland.

We always have admired Soile’s great talent to capture the moments and breed essence in one click.  It is always emotions included in Soile’s photos.

Here is our Lilli, standing side of our show tent, just before entering to show ring.  Look at that proud expression, knowing her value, she seem to have a plan to show off, and there seem to be something in her mind we only can guess :)

Thank you Soile for this great portrait and also for the beautiful movement shot of Lilli is showring:

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Continuing our tradition with the health check results, we are happy to announce that Lilli (C.I.B CH Al Khabara Graceful Me)  was tested:

Eyes checked clear from PRA, RD, HC  2014
Heart ultrasound clear and no signs of AS, PS nor DKM/DCM 2014

Stay tuned with us, we ‘ll have more news soon !

8th Afghan Hound World Congress Specialty Shows were held 2-3.05.2014 in Padenghe, Italy, organized by Italian breed club A.I.A.L.A

May 2nd was judged by Mrs Carol Reisman, USA (kennel Kai)
May 3rd was judged by Mrs Colleen Khouri. AUS (kennel Quom)

115 entries.
Show was very well organized, what I liked a lot was that every dog was moving in one by one – great possibility to introduce and move.  I know it is not time for this in ordinary shows, but this was  nice, to show and also to see dogs as first impression.

Ring was large, and that is true that I haven’t seen any better one than in Finnish SAFA specialty, still it was large. Weather showed its ugliest by raining whole first day. And it was not warm of course. I felt sorry for all that loss of glory and spirit of specialty but none can guarantee the weather…

Also what was nice the brake time between male and female rings was comfortably long.

My only critics was the lack of information before shows, like when allowed to come and set up the tents,  when we were driving there day earlier, was no tents and when we arrived almost as first ones very very early at morning, there was all places taken.

But lets take all by order.  Waking up very very early this morning, we were hoping to arrive earliest possible because we knew previously there is quite a not parking lot and also worrying because our van too big we did not want take risk that we stay off some hours and need to carry stuff in rain.

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Thought I write a bit longer of our trip to Italy. The Afghan Hound World Congress and Specialty shows were held at beginning of May in beautiful lakeside of Padenghe sul Garda.
First we was so hard trying to plan to go one international show before and another one after the time in Italy, but unfortunately one of us did not have possible to have holiday enough days. So it turned out fast driving there and fast driving back. And after many years it happened so that I was only driver in van so it took days driving and nights in hotel.

We had only 2 dogs with us, Lilli – CH Al Khabara Graceful Me and Bengu – CH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing – both have been travelling a lot since young age so both were very excited like always when we start pack the van and load the crates, show tent, chairs and luggage, they know exactly that something exciting is in the air!  Our dogs are used to travel and they have very comfortable large travelling crates with foam bottoms therefore large room to strech and sleep securely.
The route was via Poland- Czech- then Linz  and Innsbruck in Austria and then Bolzano to Moniga del Garda in Italy.

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Random pictures
8 week img_6587 2a