Handsome Emerald (Al Khabara Emerald) 1 years old from our E-litter !

We were showing in southern Estonia last weekend and this was close where Emerald lives, we got the best surprise ever when Emerald came to meet us and his sisters and Mom Gracie to this show!

Words can not describe the joy we had to see darling Emerald, so handsome so dear!

The pleasure was both side as you can see from photos below here, when he moved with Alex the joy and pleasure were fully both side!

We can not thank enough Maive for taking sucha  good care of Emerald and his coat, nicely groomed and well taken care we are so happy for Emerald seeing how much he loves his owner Maive and family. Here is lot lovely pictures made by us and by Aivo Jaggo:

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Very first show at 2013 and guess who was first to open the season?
Emerald, 6 month old, from our  E-litter!
Now, that was very special event,  we were just AMAZED to see Emerald and we think he is gorgeous with his beautiful head and eyes and overall look.
Became as stamp of Al Khabara,  described by judge as well developed body for age. Correct type and proportions. Head strong, enough muzzle. Strong topline.
Thank you so much judge Ligita Zake !

12.01.2013 All Breed Show, Tartu, Estonia,
Al Khabara Emerald: Puppy Class, Very promising 1.

Tho Emerald needs ring training as it is his first show and we are living cold winter time in high hope spring arrive so to get better trainings, here is one more photo of  … Continue reading

Emerald pictured at day he went home with his new family.

He is only dog in family but his owners had Afghan Hound previously and  we think how great is that they looked to have an Afghan Hound again.

Also interesting  is that there is lot of common ancestors between their first Afghan Hound DOB 1992-2004  and with Emerald.

Emerald doing well in his new home and we were very pleasured to hear that he is almost housebroken,  just got 4 month old!

We hope to see the handsome Emerald in shows at future and wishing  all the best to him and his family at Maive !

Here is Emerald pictured 3 month old in his garden at very sunny day.
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Random pictures
photo by Ailen Timuska img_7816 2006week1