Showresults 2020

Because of corona virus we did not showed since the borders closed and difficulties to plan any shows and travel restrictions

We were planning to proudly present our 10 year oldies this year, but seem like same reasons at 2021 so far…. as soon the normal world is back, our beautiful dogs can be seen in rings again.

01.02.2020 All Breed National Dog Show, Valga, Estonia

Breed: Mr Zhida Duan,/China
Group:Mr Zhida Duan, /China
BIS Veteran: Dr Vojislav al Daghistani /Serbia
BIS: Mrs Carmen Navarro,/Spain

Al Khabara Gentle Gangster: Veteran Class, Excellent , Best Veteran in Breed, Best Dog, BEST OF BREED, BEST OF GROUP, BIS VETERAN, BEST IN SHOW 4


12.01.2020 All Breed National Show, Tartu, Estonia,

Breed: Mr Valentinas Stiklius,/Lithuania
Group: Mr Valentinas Stiklius, /Lithuania
BIS Veteran: Mr Andreas Savva,/Cypros

Al Khabara Gentle Gangster: Veteran Class, Excellent 1 , Best Of Breed, Best Dog, Best Veteran, BIS Veteran 2, Best in Group 4