mg_1303-maasu-hugging-2 First time in Veteran Class! What a wonderful show-weekend it turned out!

Sunday, 30.06.2019 Imavere All Breed DS the results were
Maasu-  C.I.B EST LV LT RUS CH (Al Khabara Grace Of Love): Best Veteran, Best Bitch,  BEST OF BREED, GROUP 3

Mustikas – EST LV LT CH (Al Khabara Gentle Gangster): BOS Veteran, Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex

Al Khabara Grace of Love and Gentle Gangster : Brace, Excellent 1 , BIS BRACE IN SHOW 3


Read more, see photos, videos and more results:

mg_1332-brace-bis-3 mg_1338-maasu-gr-3

Saturday, in Imavere 29.06.209

Maasu-  C.I.B EST LV LT RUS CH (Al Khabara Grace Of Love): VET CAC, EST V-CH, BOB Veteran, Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex

Mustikas – EST LV LT CH (Al Khabara Gentle Gangster): VET CAC, EST V-CH, BOS Veteran, Best Male 2

Al Khabara Grace of Love and Gentle Gangster : Brace, Excellent 1 , BIS BRACE IN SHOW 2

mg_1128-maasu-bos mg_1214-brace-bis-2

Thank you to Judges

Breed: Iraida Pirogova,/Russia
Group:Iraida Pirogova, /Russia
Brace BIS: Stanley Shen, /Singapore
Breed: Myrna Shiboleth,/Israel
Brace BIS: Anette Bystrup,/Denmark

Thank you Maasu and Mustikas making this show so memorable – they followed their Mom Grace footsteps!
30.06.2013 Exactly  at same day but 6 years ago Grace (C.I.B BALT EST LT LV RUS CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace) was BEST OF BREED out of Veteran Class at Luige Show!

The sun but not very hot, the large green grass ring which was so positive surprise as it is very rare we see such a ring in Estonia- an Afghan hounds can move breed typically not stoping every fourth step in corner or moving or better walking to not injure the legs. We saw such great rings since only in Scandinavia, Lithuania or in Poland to mention closest ones and very few time in Estonia. We were asked not only one time why we are not showing so often in our own country – this is one of reasons – just because so eyepleasing to see your own dogs moving in home garden when they gait around that it sounds not very vise to pay huge amount of entry fees to watch them in slippery small rings and not enjoying themself too. Actually this is reason why we enter them always when possible to Brace competition too – Brace ring is large and two dogs can be shows same time so both of them get the fun and enjoy show off. Shows are first and foremost for dogs right ;)

Thank you to Happy Dog club & team to make this show a perfect for every part!

Now to back in shows this past weekend in GREAT Imavere park! We took with pride the two Veterans in ring – they were rather to stop or slow down than tease ! Maasu’s way to say THANK you before and after rings  can be seen on photo above this post. She enjoyed, and Mustikas too!

Here are some candid photos where Musti and Maasu following the ring with great interest and of Mustikas looking Grace in ring.

And here is all the photos from the weekend:

Videos, which I did first time with iPad

Maasu moves in :


Group 10 






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