After World Dog Show in Austria we took busy drive to Germany, Zehlendorf where it was two day Sighthound Specialty at 19-20.05.2012.

Show was very well organized, nice place, nice people and weather was just wonderful sunny but not too hot. First day was judged by sighthound specialist Mr György Tesic and what a great results for our youngsters!

Morris (EST JCH Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy) took intermediate class and did it down to BEST MALE and BOS and got German VDH CAC, which opens his German Champion title, we are very happy for him!

Lilli ( BALT EST LV LT JCH, Tal-JW-12 Al Khabara Graceful Me) was reserve BEST FEMALE and got German VDH CAC, too and

Bengu ( BALT EST LV LT JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) took Open Class and got res- CAC after Lilli.

We are extremely very thankful to judge for his opinion and making the show for us so memorable !!!

Morris BM Morris
Here is Morris pictured getting so excited of beautiful CAC rosette :)
Al Khabara Graceful Me  -  CAC  VDH Lilli in move Al Khabara Guess I'm Amazing - res-CAC VDH and Bengu in move

Second day was the 50 year of WSV the Berlin Branderburg Sighthound Club Show and judged by German judge Mrs Gabriele Schröter. Again we were very pleasured with results, especially with Lilli who took intermediate class and got German VDH CAC again! Here is what judge wrote about Lilli:
16 month, full scissor bite, good temperament, very elegant female of good size and format, correct topline, very elegant female head with long narrow muzzle, correct angulation front and rear, sufficient chest conformation, correct paw size, nice springy gait, correct from all sides, correct tail carriage.

We are very thankful to judge and very proud of Lilli – German CAC from Sighthound Specialty in Germany awarded by German judge!!!

And alltogether Lilli took German CAC in females both days! What a great opening for her German Champion title!

Morris and Bengu did well, too. Bengu took open class again and res- CAC after Lilli and res- CAC for Morris with great description.

Here is full Gallery of photos from both days:





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