img_0004-w Now, what a interesting weekend – all 6 Halo & Lilli kids in the showrings this weekend: Phoebe, Smokey and Roxanna in Estonia, Rocky in Sweden and Sensei and Kiss in USA at famous Woofstock specialties where Kiss was the Best in sweeps and Sensei the Winners dog.

As Roxanna finished her title last weekend, Phoebe started today her shows  and took her first JCAC and res-BB, Smokey  went BOS, Roxanna BB-3 in Estonia and  Rocky res-CAC in Sweden . B
Updating with such great news that Sensei finished  today and is now AM CH Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational.

Here is our Luige  All Breed show results

Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation:  JBOB,  Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex,
Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley:  EST JCAC, JBOS. Best Bitch 2
Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily: Junior Class Excellent 2 , Best Bitch 3

Smokey is always ready to entertain and enjoy no matter if it comes down dogs or cats, here he is pictured in the pouring rain in JBIS ring, chosen among 10 from all breeds juniors.

Tho at morning the day started not so good when we arrived to show place we noticed the tiny cluster of rings made and area for tents separately and  so far from our ring that it would possible to show only one dog from our three because not possible to expect that judge will wait till we bring our other dogs to ring one by one.  Also if tent is so far from rings we never leave any of our dogs alone for minute somewhere even not into showtents, and I was proven right in my principles because  if I wouldn’t be there and dogs alone – that would easily happen accident that day because I catched the heavy showring tent falling into ours from that far over other peoples tents, we were in 3rd row after tenting area….it came in over our trimming table and how lucky were our dogs still in wire crates when grooming table fall down.

The tent side of us was collapsed, and there was several textile crates inside and even one dog in that because owner was in ring with other dog and was not able to even see what is happened,  we then rescued and helped all that situation.  And it is said that we need these tent areas because safety rules – LOL Whose safety, interesting The owners are supposed to leave their dogs in tents somewhere very far from eyesight when they are in ring with other dog?  The ring tent fall and fly because it got so heavy wind up that it was not possible to avoid, things can happen of course.  But for me proven that I do right not leaving dogs alone in tent or nowhere and that safety of my dogs goes first.

The tent area arrangement seem to get used in some shows here I noticed and by now I always ask before I enter my dogs. Tent is not needed at ringside but far as to be possible to bring your dogs into ring, especially when showsite has huge empty unused grassy area for great normal rings and safe places to tents this arrangement seem just to be “save in everything”.   Just not entering our dogs to shows at future where is too tiny rings and tent areas too far from rings.

It was windy , cold and rainy whole that day and wet was also Smokey after standing and moving in Junior BIS ring.
I like the way all breed Junior BIS is judged by Groups moving in one by one, because othervise, when FCI gr 10  dogs moving in in last of row, they actually cant move at all but only take 1-3 steps to get in ring after the huge all breed entries , hello and good bye.  What is sighthound if it can’t move, especially in big ring. So we sometimes think twice if we stay in groups at all in shows with this arrangement.




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