Bottomless boots (leggings)

Bottomless boots or leggings for Afghan Hound and Saluki are exactly as high boots but without bottoms  and lining . Leggings are made to save the hair on legs from dust and leaves at longer walks. Three velcros.  Coated nylon or ripstop type fabric.
Leggings are for daily long walks when needed, the priority is elasticity and comfort for dog.
Only paws to wash after walk - leg hair is still clean.
TIP: Take your dog to bath still in leggings when coming home from walk. Wash paws, dry and then remove leggings - wow you have clean and dry hair on legs.

    Grey - blue fabric     


Price € 30 

Leggings  - 3 velcro - height 45-50 cm
Inside coated fabric

Color :

Leggings  - 3 velcro

Nylon  fabric

Color :

2 velcro leggings:

Leggings - 2 velcro - height 38 cm - LAST PAIR!
Inside coated fabric

Color :

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    Grey - blue fabric    

Leggings 3x velcro - 50cm, 45cm and 40cm high in BLUE -GREY fabric available
Leggings 2x velcro - 38cm high in PALE PURPLE - last pair !

Hand wash only.  Use liquid soap. No dryer.  Dry on air, never on battery/radiator.


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