2018-01-10-piibe Happy couching!
First time in many years it is the time when we have not dogs entered to any shows. No shows in first part of year 2018  decision was made in last year as you know entering time is half month earlier.
Why – may many wonder – well the main reason is that I have planned to spend this spring LOT of time in our garden  which sure looks like jungle after many busy springs living from one show to another.  Usually when it was time to think about garden – it was July  already and too late. It has been frustating me so lot so I decided to take a year off from shows, and not even to think them. Feels freedom :)

Currently almost all our dogs are Champions or International Champions – so it is good time to skip the year. Well, there is few who has some Cacib’s but no hurry and having no showplans feeling so good. Often asked

Often asked when our next litter is planned  – perhaps at end of year 2018 or how long it is possible to postpone because age of some of our girls.
We currently have several oldies (older than 10 years old dogs ) in family and wanting to spend more time with them till it is possible. Litter and puppies take lot time and dedication. Oldies need dedication and special care too.
But mainly – no litter because we do not looking for  puppy at moment so no reason to breed.

Here is someone who maybe disagree with me about shows of course, because he needs the time off time to -time from daily job and dogs will be very disappointed to not get off too – so maybe he is seen in some close-to-home shows which is not taking much travelling or othervise effort from my part ?

Pictured is Phoebe – already couching and Smokey – who was pictured  “happy couching” in showtent :)





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