NEW Title for Lilli ! LITHUANIAN WINNER -2013!
What a great weekend we had in Lithuania!
This is going to be long story, be prepared to stay with us for reading and lot photos;)

Two international shows, Lithuanian Winner-2013 and Vilnius Cup -2013 was held at 3-4.03.2013 in Vilnius.  Our team was represented by young  sisters Lilli (JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me) and Bengu  (JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) and little  Entel (Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me) in Puppy class.

At first day there was Lithuanian Winner-13 show where BOB and BOS winners get country winner titles – the most important show held once in year in each country.

Lilli and Bengu were both entered into open class because they just lately got 2 years old. For Entel it was very first travelling so far as 10 hours in bus.

She did do great and enjoyed whole trip.
Entel is from our E-litter whose puppy class age have been  from January to March so they unfortunately have not yet much experience like our previous litter who had whole summer full of outdoor shows and travels.

So we had no idea how Entel performing when I entered to ring with her. We were not only ones with Entel, we had competition as well!  Maybe I was more concerned than Entel itself – she was stoic calm and enjoyed to meet judge, I must say meet judges, because there was also a exercise judge in ring so she got double examination. And if one might perhaps think if I was really concerned if I win or not then you are wrong- I was concerned and hopnig that Entel get nice experience at judge examination in first order and she did – both judges were so gentle handed experts, great pleasure and great experience for Entel!

First Entel did not understand anything about moving around she just tried to follow me, such a baby yet, but then she got it and we went all the way smoothly and nicely.


Here is Entel pictured at examination.
And then we moved once around again.

Entel was chosen as Best Female Puppy and
then awarded Best of Breed Puppy.




Soon  it was turn for  Lilli and Bengu to step into ring. Both into open class. And as there was exercising judge so also they both got double examination.



And then they went: Lilli gracefully and Bengu amazingly as after all the competition with Champions and at Best Female ring Lilli took  BEST  FEMALE, CACIB and CAC and Bengu toor res-CACIB  – well done Al Khabara girls :)

JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me “Lilli”  and JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing “Bengu”


Look the Lilli’s graceful smile on when she enjoying show off! :)
After winning open class, and then other  female classes by taking Best female in breed, Lilli goes to Best of Breed ring competition and going to be BOS and she also took a Lithuanian Winner title -2013.
Here is pictured Best Male and Best Female in breed.

And here the  BOS and BOB winners  and brand new Lithuaian Winner-13 title holders pictured with judge, Mrs Elena Agafonova from Italy. Thank you so much !

BOS- JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me – BOB  –  FIN CH Zagorias No Way To Hell


Saying thank you for nice competition !

Big thank from all of us also  goes to Fan Club of Lilli she always has at ringside aswell in internet – thank you so much, we love you !

Here at Al Khabara we have been lucky to always have had great females to take into ring with pride –  Lilli, Bengu and Entel continuing that stamp.







And then at evening we took Entel to Best In Show Puppy ring tho we knew she is not ready for that yet, but one still need experience so off we went.

Here is video of Entel, filmed around head of public but you still can see how nicely she moving in, head and tail up and enjoying the people clapping hands. I am very pleasured with our  Entel –  Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me
Well done Entel !!!

We all took good rest in hotel while Bengu and Entel took some rounds of jumping game , queen Lilli was their public, sitting on couch and watching ladylike.  Stay tuned, next story is about international show at next day!

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