Roxanna is most active girl puppy in the pack. She always find the way, she knows everything and she knows what she want and how she like it :D

So yesterday she decided there is no need of whatsoever of snood photos and wanted to stand on table and look over raining garden.  As you see there was not of course any trouble to get standing photos of her, just hold your hands in right place for photo and shoot as many you want.

Roxanna is Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily
If I would write up one story every day, we would publish a book of her already.

She found way to kitchen through gate what none of our dogs in 10 years have’nt found, Roxanna goes like a snake, fast and invisible, through the gate edge into kitchen,  she knows where is  the door into the cold room where is their food, she knows also the door of refrigerator, and she has no interest whatsoever to the doors which hide  pots or pans or unuseful stuff behind.

She never looking anything to chew or broke, but only purpose is good and interesting daily life :D

Yesterday evening she decided that she do not want to go sleep with her littermates into big pen anymore, and she decided to slip away from pack and hide from us ! We then walked around and called her: “Roxanna,  where are you? Roxanna, come to sleep”  The answer was silence, only that we heard the sound of tail wagging tap-tap-tap against floor and enjoying when we search her like dumbs.  All the adult ones including their Mom Lilli kept very silent too – must been kind of action movie for them to watch.  No, she did not came out, she wanted to stay sleep with her Mom’s sister Maasu and was hiding behind the Maasu’s back , under the table , in the very small corner like a little camouflage.  Now that is one very smart little puppy we are looking to grow up with great interest :)

Here is few more of Roxanna pictured yesterday:



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