Valga All Breed National Show

Musti (C.I.B*, BALT* EST, LV*, LT, RUS* CH EST VCH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) had such a great day in Valga, Estonia!

Tartu All Breed National Show

Musti (C.I.B, BALT EST, LV, LT, RUS CH EST VCH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) was first time presented in Veteran class  this year in January , day earlier he got 9 year old Veteran Class Excellent 1 , Best Of Breed, Best Dog, Best Veteran, BIS Veteran 2, Best in Group 4

In Memoriam Maasu

When someone you love dies and you're not expecting it, you don't lose her all at once - you lose her in pieces over a long time.....

Scorpio art

Introducing such a lovely art by Tonya Polyakova in Russia.

Happy New Year

Our Braces

Look our braces now and in past!

Coat care tips

This was written be me in Facebook Notes at 2013 and I republish it here as FB seem to not support Notes sharing anymore.

Tartu International Show

Musti is now International Champion! He started showing near Veteran age and gained more than 4 CACIBS from different countries. We are VERY Happy! Read more