Jamie (Al Khabara Every Girlz Dream)  from our E-litter did longest trip over to Washington to meet his family at end of October.

16 h flight by Lufthansa went very smoothly ( except in my side of course when I was just simply holding back tears ) – but we have only very good words to Lufthansa for their direct flight, they take good care of dogs.

When Jamie got out  from travelling crate at airport he started dance around happily and it was love from first sight  for every part.  After cleaning his paws, they took 7 h driving to North Carolina, to the new home of Jamie.

Well, and now the funny part to start- Jamie went in, found a big couch in second, climbed on it like a lion and started look around like new King arrived where is my new friends? He then met his half-brother Zuzu  ( Al Khabara Gifted Gambler)  and Teddy (Mahali Carnivale) , Merlin and Bri  The BorzoisT and some more great playmates like little pomeranian and chin he never seen before. He became friend with them all and we so love to know he has that wonderful amazing personality like both his  parents have – proud but calm same time.

We love the stories of Jamie making us giggle  like how he want to be Buppa like he was yet here and ignoring his new name James also how he loves heavy wind and going wild with it just like his Australian grandfather here at our kennel.  Jamie was almost housebroken when he went over so have been happy to hear he is pretty good boy, tho he think  that water or  cola bottles , no matter empty or not, rather that way that he is too busy  to make sure if bottle is empty, he just taking it as he think it makes great toy and belongs to him, isn’t he clever boy;)  Now in December when I write this, he already been in show as visitor and enjoyed himself in every moment.
We are  wishing all the very best  to Kathe and Stephen  with Jamie !!!



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