Maasu is Al Khabara Grace of Love from our G-litter, sired by C.I.B Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x C.I.B Kingsleah Amazing Grace

We took Maasu back to Al Khabara this spring because owner had no possibilities to have her so Maasu naturally came back to us.

She fell love to her sister Lilli since first evening, they sleep and eat together and playing the afghan hound wrestling games that makes us drop to tear of laughing. Maasu is big friend also with Mr Mouzi who have been a bit lonely after his buddy Nikki left us in February.

Maasu never been in show stack or in show collar and leash before  and  as soon the snow was gone we took her out of curiosity  to see how she moves. Well we are amazed, but being honest, not very surprised – she has the head held and movement just like her litter mates has!

Maasu has nice silky hair structure and very easy to care, tho she still need a bit growing hair out, I have been taking excellent care of her hair and she doing fine for 2 weeks between baths, so her coat is ready to grow well.

Here comes video of Maasu in show !

Second time in showlead at all !!!!! Choose the HD version for sharper view.

In May we decided to take Maasu to show. Well, that was exciting!  She seemed to love it from first minutes!  She had no stress whatsoever,  she did not paid attention to other dogs and when we took her to ring for exercising at early morning, she moved like a queen.  When it was the time to enter she went beautifully! Judge going through went well also, the only thing what didn’t was that when Alex started to stack her by saying” stay” or whatever other word – Maasu was sitting down.  Ha-ha, this is why we never teach our puppies to sit. After several try she got so confused, she did not understand what is expected from her. She got excellent and first in her class.   We were very pleasured how she showed off by moving like a queen in ring! Later she was enjoying to move in big ring aswell, twice, as Al Khabara was awarded BIS Breeder and BIS Progeny Group in this show. We are going to exercise with Maasu to forget the order “sit”  and do the “stay is stack” thing and taking her out to shows soon again!

Here  is pictures of Maasu at Hunting Breed Specialty Show:

Here is pictures made  when we first time took her out after she returned to us



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