img_9104-fb Took our one year old pups and their Grandmom Grace ( 11 yo) out to mirrored training room yesterday to have some fun.  Grace was so happy and running around happily,  what a pity we can’t take her to the shows into veteran classes because she has hair clipped short under belly and from sides due  two sided mastecomy surgeries she had lately which she recovered so well and is now full of energy and joyful retirement days.  I believe that her condition would let her to offer competition to much younger ones in shows. Grace ( CIB CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace is mother  of  our  two large litters  and still going strong, very happy of my darling Gracie.

Did’nt have the plan to take photos, but couldn’t resist to take some snapshots.  We had Phoebe, Smokey and Roxanna with us.  Interesting is that Roxanna has the very same personality as is her Grandmom Gracie only in different colours.  Can’t stop wondering this enough, once a clown, always clown and not a dull day with Roxanna. Phoebe is more ladylike, so she would never act like monster, both are sweet as can be but same time different.  

What a wonderful place it is PetCity Arena in Tallinn  and the the flooring is best ever, safe and not slippery. Here is more photos  of our joyful pack:

That feeling, when one trying to move pretty and then the monster like that, landing side of you. Roxanna who else!

Yeah it is much more fun together !

Phoebe and Roxanna The Sisters
Phoebe thinks she is ready to go shows now too !
This pack of whirlwinds too thinking they are ready for shows :D
As we have only one Alex here, Smokey  having fun himself by moving alone.
I wish I’d know what about they are chatting while moving, a joke?
Whatever was joked, took them wide smile on :D
Oh my! Has hair all up on topknot and unexpectedly stopped to check from mirror ?
Sorry for poor quality as it was dark pic but fetching Smokey !!!!
Took our puppies to have fun, oops  – one of them is 11 years old :)
Darling Gracie enjoyed every minute with her Grand kids,  our amazing Grace, CIB CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace !
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