Now that is naughtiest of naughty! I feel totally misused and manipulated!
It is already late evening, very late yes 1.23 am. I am almost sleeping and hoping to get bed. But Lilli have a problem, she asking me piip-piip-piip – we must go outdoor so I take my legs and off we go. I am waiting some time in kitchen while she is done and want back in. 
Upstair we go. I am just to take laptop to look email last time and to close and there she is – Mom, take your legs out, I NEED TO GO out!!! Ouch, seem I was not patient enough so she did not got done there. My poor tired and slow legs step downstair in half sleep so I do not fall and my one painful knee will still be one part with me yet tomorrow.

I am now sitting on kitchen chair , eyes partially closed while madam is there in garden and looking for the right place behind the bushes. Well, so quickly she is done, jippeee – now we go to sleep – at least I think so, because as soon I try to get my poor old sleepy me to get under blankets, she is side of me again, just a second before I swich light off.

What ????? Are you ill, my darling? Pain somewhere? Or there is again the dead game somewhere behind the door? Or what it is??? Downstair we go again- is it third or fourth time my sleepy brain can not count it. I want let her out but she is not there?

Diva decided to show me the way to right door this time, as there is no other way to make it clear to the dumb like me: I must open not the backdoor but ….. refrigerator. I am done. No words anymore.  Good night you all!



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