We had great weekend at international Estonian Winner 2013!

Breed: Jean Jacque Dupas/France
BIS Progeny Groups: Dina Korna/Estonia

Our results:
Al Khabara Easy Breezy MeEST JCAC, BOB JUNIOR, BB-4 , EST JW-2013, Crufts qualification 2014
Entel also was chosen into final cut at all breed BIS Junior ring from very large entries!
Kingsleah Amazing Grace: BOB Veteran, EST VCAC, EST VW-2013, EST Vet CH

Al Khabara Graceful Me: Ch Class Excellent 2, Reserve Best Bitch, res-CACIB
Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing: Open Class Excellent 1, BB5
Al Khabara Escada:: Junior Class Excellent 2
Al Khabara kennel : BOB BREEDER,  was chosen into last cut at BIS BREEDER ring from large entries
Kingsleah Amazing Grace : BEST IN SHOW Progeny Group

Well that was great , tho very hot day, but our dogs did not mind and moved well.

Very pleasured with little Entel placing high as BB 4 out of junior class and gained new title EST JW-13 aswell Crufts qualification.

Thankful to judge seeing the qualities of our juniors yet not 1 year old and are quite a fur babies yet because we do not like the idea of thinnered or manipulated coats, we are known to let them develop naturally. Tho we understand some judges were not used to see through lot hair  the length of neck etc., we appreciate really high these who can see through puppy coat as it could be.

Both our juniors got so good descriptions, here is what judge said of Escada, who just starting and is not yet head up of enjoy but still always catched judges attention by her great body for her age. Here is what was said  of her who got also excellent and placed 2nd after her sister Entel.

Nice type, well balanced, feminine head, very good front, excellent topline, very good tail and angulation behind, moves free

Here is video of Entel and some more:

Well and there is no fun without funny happenings our Bengu arranged, of course Bengu!!!

I was laughing so hard when looking through videos, sorry that I needed some parts off from this video, but I can tell why.  Bengu entertained herself at Best Bitch ring, standing next to Entel, who was handled by Janica and stacked proud and still, tail up and Janica’s hand on her tail. Bengu got bored in stack in firm hands of Alex, not allowing her to do any cat dance as she likes, and Bengu then still found out how to cut the boring moments while judge looking all the row of Best Bitches class winners:  she noticed Janica’s fingers smell some tasty meatball and she started to clean Janica’s fingers.

Janica took her hand away carefully so that Entel’s stack is still . Entel did not noticed anything and hold her tail proudly up. Bengu then noticed that Entel’s tailring smells on something tasty aswell and started to lick it clean.  Cry or laugh, but luckily judge asked all to go around and so Entel  as junior class winner started to move, following by Bengu and Alex. Bengu of course had good drive as always and her only goal was to continue to lick Entel’s tailring.  Cry or laugh, yes?  Judge showing to Entel to take place 4, so her tail did not got totally wet of licking.  Lilli placed 2nd, and Bengu placed into our showtent , smile :)

But that is not all of course, as Bengu got back into ring! We had Breeder class and Progeny Class to present and Bengu now noticed that Lilli running with Salla, the owner of their Sire and started to look to Lilli like saying: I am running with our Daddy and you not, I am lucky and you are not” and so on,  she acting so clearly that also when they move around she trying to look more on Lilli than concentration on moving.  Now, as Bengu enjoying the showring more than ever, she seem to want take all the joy out of it, such a entertainer she is!

And now the shameless bragging warning ! :)

Gracie, our  veteran and mom of two large litters at 2011 and 2012 here at Al Khabara was BOB Veteran and also got a title EST Veteran Winner 2013.  Most exciting was that she presented BEST IN SHOW PROGENY GROUP with her daughters from two litters: Bengu, Lilli and Entel.

Very proud to have such a great and in super good condition veteran and mother of  our  litters to love and admire! Gracie is Amazing!!!! So namesake!!! We are shamelessly proud of her and her offspring!

Go, Gracie !!!

Judges Comments on Gracie:
Very feminine, excellent size, well balanced, feminine head, good neck and front, excellent topline and chest, nice angulations, very good coat and tail, excellent coat, moves free 




We also thank the BIS Junior judge Johan Becerra / Puerto-Rico and  BIS Breeder Group judge Juta Haranen / Estonia – in big rings where our kennel and also our junior were chosen into last cut  from large entries.

Many thanks to Janica, Thea, Maria Kristiina and Salla for your kind help in handling and to Kerlin for your kind help with filming and taking photos!

All the photos:



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