Essie, Al Khabara Essence of Noir, was travelling in to her new home some time ago, but updating website have been such a challenge due busy days lately.

Essie was long waited and last months were simply counting days till all the vaccinations to be made so that Essie can travel to her new home.

The long waited day arrived and Essie’s family came to visit and take her to home. So the princess went to ferry and then long  4 h drive in Finland.

We were most happy to hear that Essie  easily made friendship with other dogs, Shih-Tzu’s and Afghan Hound  in family and already at second day slept curled with them.

She met new people with curiosity and open minded and looked like she know  Katja and Timo already, was their from first moment they met!

By now Essie had her first bath in Katja’s gentle hands and how lovely to hear that Essie enjoyed her bath and after blowdry and still warm she preferred to stay on Katja’s lap to sit and feel so good – the way all our dogs and puppies always enjoy grooming!

More pictures below and there is also picture of Essie and her new friend Vikke  aka CH Elsto Viking Ambassador 10 yo (CH Quom Jambalaya N’Jazz x CH Tells Lit’l White Lie). Vikke’s dad CH Quom Jambalaya N’Jazz  by the way is also  grand-grand-grand father of Essie!

Essie values the friendship of 10 year old Vikke as when yet here at Al Khabara she was most spoilt by her grand mom  14 yo and grand dad 9 yo.

We wish Essie’s owners Katja and Timo  all the best with Essie !



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