This was written be me in Facebook Notes at 2013 and I republish it here as FB seem to not support Notes sharing anymore.

Some grooming tips about our grooming method

There for sure is many ways working with Afghan Hound coat and knot managing….but not many seem to use method to avoid knots appearing. I’ve got good results with this since 2006, that works amazingly….

Currently we have several young dogs, more or less coat, they do well and without mats 2 – 3 weeks, brushing and hairdrying takes 1-2 hour;) So this technics works if used since puppyhood, if starting later, then it takes few month I guess , depending of amount broken hair in coat. As soon it grows or changes to healthy hair, it works and the time between baths lengten. We never  scissor young dogs to look less hair for judges;)  We let it coat change naturally and settle down to be long healthy hair;)

Imagine having 3 youngsters through changing hair and have no knots nor mats and can bath them every 10 day;) Except during 1-2 week after heat of females 2 month later when they drop a little coat or male when he just literally changes puppy fluff off, need to bath once per week. Yes, we have few different hair types represented aswell from little coat to lot.YES that is possible!!! With simple goal: grow the healthy hair since beginning, avoid broke any hair, bath day BEFORE any knots appearing. With this, they start have unbroken hair since young puppy age. 

How to avoid hair broken? My VIP list:

  • I never brush dry and/or dirty hair ( exception: before entering show ring)- 
  • I never use any stuff: sprays,oils, gels, antistatics whatever else stuff- 
  • I never leave conditioner into hair – it makes hair soft, soft hair knotting faster and I rinse shampoo and cond out very well- so: no stuff in hair
  • I never test every new and new products what mentioned somewhere in forums on my dogs coats. Only if I have problem, it is reason to look for new product. Why to change things what work well?- 
  • I never use slicker or comb. – 
  • I never use thinnering scissors – especially never to work with knot, it stretching hair out (broking) plus removing the still healthy hair left in died hair knot….totally no sense….-
  • I avoid stretching hair when brushing (that’s very important because stretching hair resulting broking)- I do not keep knots in hair- I bath day before they appear or when one tiny is there- 
  • I never open knots on dog standing on grooming table.-
  • I make sure hairdryer is not too close to hair.- 
  • I never decide next bathing date looking to hair, I decide it when I brush it after bath, if there is few knots I write next bathing day into my calendar day earlier than this one was. And I do not postpone it. If it happens something what makes it postpone, it is still not knotted and is easy brushable- 
  • I always dry hair to skin, wet places under hair cause knots soon.
  • I brush so that I always keep hair with left hand and brush by right hand. (Im right handed, so those lefthanded can do it vice versa)
  • When hairdrying I hold hair by brush (slighthly longer pins than brushing pin brush)  and not brushing hundred times. The key is to not broke hair, but save it to be healthy hair structure. Broken hair creates knots and matts.

My grooming suitcase:

– Laser Lites Lanoline Shampoo, Laser Lites Lanoline Conditioner (LL Drape for shows), #1 All Systems Super Cleaning to use time to times for deep cleaning before LL shampoo. 

– LL or KW metal pin brush, Roger Para (or similar Mason Person) nylon brush for safe knot resolving (only with wet hair right after bathing!) it allows open knot without stretching hair, hairdryer  (we use standing dryer and not very hot air but medium). 

– And I have  very mild  mix of LL WOW Detangler what I spray on knot to get it safely brushed through.That is not needed every bath time, only some times.


And yes, I do not scissor or thinner hair out just for judges or to win if someone says take hair off. I let them go coat change naturally and having healthy long silky coats at age 3. Such coats can be bathed only once per month and at clean winter time we have some who does not have any knots even when bathed once in 2 month. I then bath them only because they get dirty and brushing time is 45 min – to 1 hour only .

Except males – need cleaned from bottom and if light colored male is showdog, is good the hair to band  to avoid yellowish areas. 

Clean hair is healthy hair, dirt can break hair structure too. 

At winter time we let ours run in deep snow many times per day, snow does really good for coat. 

How do I do difference if hair looks healthy or not? Just looking at dog who is nicely groomed? Nope. NO!!! ;)  
Answer: When I see  there is not knots when I start brush after bathing;) !!!!

And- we do not save coat from nature, fresh hair – they live normal life running free every day on our property. (and we have pine trees ;) Do they get sticks or leaves into hair? Yes, but from silky healthy hair it drops down before they come in, this is another reason why I do not leave conditioner into hair;) I want it have natural silkyness , works like a non sticky teflon;)

Also to mention: we do not feed kibble but raw + cooked diet, very balanced so it makes hair silky and hair goes 2-3 week without any knots. We noticed if we feed kibble,  then hair needed to groom weekly or in 10 days (average)

Healhty hair like that lasts all the showing, motherhoods, puppies in household – we do not need to shave our dogs after they retire from showring. 

WHY all that? Because I want grooming to be easy-peasy without resolving knots hours and hours, or making stress of my life. I also honour my breed enough not to abuse coat with hundred of stuff, coloring, scissoring ……

Disagree with slickers, and many other points written in above? Everyone can continue the way they used to…. This I originally wrote as helpful advise for our puppyowners, but glad if it is helpful for others too……..Does that sound unreal? :) Its real, you can believe me, it works;)

Updating a little with questions I’ve got often:

Problem if coat is a bit too dry?

The possible reasons:

  1. – Something is unbalanced in food  (usually omega oils)
  2. – Dryer was too hot and too close of hair so hair got a bit dried off
  3. – Wrongs products maybe

What I would do:

  • – Adding oils into meal.  Fish oils are best: salmon oils – I used Kronch salmon oil but there is others depend on area, but now we feed raw salmon heads and bodies, there is most omega oils in salmon heads, so if you feed raw only, this is a good solution.
  • – I feed  sardines in oil in their meal few times per month and hair never gets too dry (when we do not get raw salmon)
  • – Make sure your handdryer is not closer than 30 cm, in standing dryer it is no need to use hottest air in regular groomings
  • – Make sure the products you are using cause this.  Test it out. Buy human Pantene Pro for dry hair and use this in 2-3 month. If you see difference, consider to change over to some other product  to test or known is good for Afghan coat.

I believe many dog shampoos meant to long hair breeds are not good for Afghan hair at all….

How do I know if product is good or not?Feels good after bathing in wet hair? NO :)  Actually best results is when if you feel hair is a bit crispy after rinsing and not silky or smooth . IMHO.

Oils in food?

I only believe into fish oils of  a drop of vegetable oil over meal

Coconut oil ?
Coconut oil is fairness useless for a dog. Plant oils offer no benefits in health for dogs.

Dogs can’t use the omega 3 in coconut oil (can’t convert the form of ALA found in plant oils). This is why I always prefer the salmon oil or sardines in oil.

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