Al Khabara Graceful Me

Morris and Lilli had show-weekend at Tallinn International show.
It was second indoor show for Lilli and we were amazed how lot she enjoyed to “sail” around like all this world is hers :)
She also liked to meet all the dogs and people – sending hello to Salla in Finland!
Morris enjoyed to show off, too and so he won junior class, was BOS junior and finally placed Best Male # 4.
Lilli placed 2nd best junior female.
Lilli and Morris are now 13 month old.

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Helmi 14 year old - January 2012

The arrival of nice white snowy winter  seem to slow down our postings but the news from January can not skipped still!
At January 22 we celebrated the 14. Birthday of our  dear Grand old lady  Helmi.

EUR VW-07, EVMM-08, EST Veteran CH, SLO Veteran CH
LVW-99-00-01 LVJW-99 LVCLW-99-00-01 PL CLW-00 LTW-01 LTJW-99 HunW-01, LV Club CH, LV Junior CH,

Helmi have been very healthy whole her long life so we only needed to visit veterinarians for her  scheduled vaccinations.
Only few month ago it happened terrible and sad traumatic accident for her.  One day when we came home we found out Helmi has broken hip (and broken tissues between hip and body like later seen… Continue reading

2012_01_07 Lilli 1 year old 2012_01_07_1

Finally new photos of  Lillie was taken. She probably is less presented on photos from out G-litter because  her littresisters were shown to titles in last few month and so were most spotlighted and also because such darkness in November and December.

We are very pleasured how she grown and developed and we think she is another  beautiful mover  out of Moritz and Grace litter.
We finally  got  some snow and enough lights to take camera with Lilli at daily walk and when coming back we also did short video of her. Look how she enjoying herself at this snowy “catwalk” :)

Lilli will be seen in showrings at  2012 !!!

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Mouztafa and Bengu were traveling to Lithuania, to show at two international shows.
Lithuanian shows are definitely one of our  very favorite ones. 

Saturday 17.dec.2011:
And so it went successfully for Bengu ( EST JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing ) and  for Mouztafa (CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa).
Mouztafa was Best of Opposite Sex and Best Male in Breed with CACIB.Bengu was Best Junior in Breed, got LT JCAC and therefore achieved 2 more titles: LV JCH and BALT JCH!
She got 11 month old only few days ago and  alltogether achieved the titles BALT, EST, LV, LT JCH  in three month!
We are very excited with Bengu!

Sunday 18.dec.2011:
All the same results for  Mouztafa and Bengu :
Mouztafa was Best of Opposite Sex and Best Male in Breed with CACIB. Bengu was Best Junior in Breed !

Thank you judges so much  for appreciating our breeding!

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Forsyth Kennel Club DS, USA

News from Zuzu –  Al Khabara Gifted Gambler  went RESERVE  WINNERS  for two days!
We thank both judges, Mr Everett Dean and  Barbara Pepper for being a wonderful insightful puppy judge… This was a big show due to many people stopping here on their way to Eukanuba..

– Congratulations Kathe and Stephen !!!

Al Khabara Guess I'm Amazing BOS

Bengu and Morris were going to All Breed Show in Narva judged by Lidia Repina from Russia.

And what a day for young 10 month old Bengu! She went Best Female in Breed and BOS third show in row!
Bengu (Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) also was Best Junior in Breed, got the last necessary J CC and by the way finished her very first title – EST JCH

Her brother Morr did well, too. He did it down to Best male 2 which is great result for very young, only 10 month old male.
Morris, aka  Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy was  winner of Junior males,  BOS Junior, EST J CC, EST JCH, Best Male 2

So, both have their very first official titles now!

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Showresults – Tartu International Show 5-6.11.2011
of  Guess I’m Amazing, Gracious Me, Guardian Cowboy and Grand Geronimo added


Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing,  9 month old winning BEST FEMALE IN BREED  at International show second weekend on row  and in two different countries.  Bengu did it again- this time at Tartu International Show!
Amazing Bengu – gained 2 CACIB which she can not take because too young, only 9 month old;)
She also was Best Junior in Breed and got her 2nd JCAC.
Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy was very first time in Junior class  and got  JCAC both days and went reserve-BEST MALE IN BREED at Sunday ! We are very proud Morris – to be BM #2 at age 9 month old at international show where it was dogs from 4 different countries and from 7 different kennels.
Thank you Mr Tino Pehar making the show very special and memorable  for us and appreciating our youngsters so high! Thank You!

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Showresults –  Five new Champion titles in one weekend!

2011_10_31lvch Grace pictured day after show – 6 year old.
Continuing our tradition ‘Daughters winning Mothers’ and five new Champion titles.
What a weekend in Riga, at Zooexpo International 30.10.2011!
Yesterday, our darling INT, Est, Lt, Blr, Rus CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace was shown first time after whelping a litter in Jan’11.
And what a results!

Grace got CACIB, CAC, two new CH titles LV CH and BALT CH and placed Reserve-Best-Bitch at this
International Show in Latvia Zooexpo 2011!
Woow, how lot she enjoyed to be in ring again!!!

And then, competition for best female in breed and  CACIB…please *guess who was that amazing*
Her own 9 month old daughter Bengu  aka Al Khabara  GUESS I’M AMAZING out of Junior Class
and I swear it was tight competition between two movers there !
Bengu is only 9 month old,  and of course TOO young to take CACIB so that went to her Mom Gracie who was Best female #2.
Bengu also got LV JCAC which confirms as LV JCH title after she finishing EST JCH.

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23.07.2011 Haapsalu All Breed Show



What  Gambler did!!!  Absolutely very first time out in show and going BEST PUPPY IN BREED and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW III
at Haapsalu All Breed Show!
We are very pleasured with him being so calm and self confident  being very first time in such a big ring with many other breeds!
Well done Tarzu and may the success continue for you!

Al Khabara Gifted Gambler  BOB puppy & Promotional Prize
Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing – BOS Puppy
Al Khabara Dhakra – BOB, BEST IN GROUP III

CH Al Khabara Dhakra BOG 3

photo by Mareli Pirsi

What a great weekend!
Congratulations, Triin for Dhakra winning BOG III

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How time fly!
Our G-litter is 6 month old  Gero and Bengu being very first to start their show career.

Viimsi All Breed Show, 16.07.2011
Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing – BOB Puppy, Promotional Prize
Al Khabara Grand Geronimo
– BOS Puppy, Promotional Prize

img_3328 2011_07_viimsibobpipby-karlysaul

“Me, me!”  you can read from Bengu’s expression;)

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We wish all the best to Geronimo in his new family and hoping to see him in showrings soon!

All the best and great success to you Andrus!


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