19.08.2012 International, Baltic Winner 2012, Estonia,

Adriana Griffa/Italy

Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy:
Intermediate class Excellent 1, res CACIB (=CACIB)
Judges Comments:
20 months, excellent type, nice eyes, good neck and topline, front &rear
angulation, moves well, good tail carriage, excellent coat, good temperament.

Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing:
Intermediate Class  Excellent 1, Best Female 2,  res-CACIB
Judges Comments:
Nice feminine head, good neck, good head, moves well with good tail carriage,
good temperament

Al Khabara Graceful Me:
Open Class Excellent 1, Best Female 4
Judges Comments:
20 months, feminine head, correct proportions, moves well, good sized bitch,
good coat, good temperament


These beautiful photos made by Jane Jaggo
We also thank you, Kristel for your help in handling Bengu



Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me – 5,5 week old Breezy pictured with her brindle twin sister Extravaganza


Time just flying and we try to spend every possible hour in garden with puppies as long there is yet sunshine and warm summer days left. What a fun they are to follow! I can just sit and follow them hours long. Here is gallery with 5 week photos , click on image to see them randomly.
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Presenting the interesting photo today.

The right side photo was made at 1993 and pictured is our very first Afghan Hound Meeri ( Balt Est Lv Lt CH Lebensretter Montezuma) at age 3 week old.
The left side photo is made 2 weeks ago, and pictured is Meeri’s grand-grand-grand daughter Al Khabara  Easy Breezy Me, born in our  E-litter 27.06.2012.

I am going to post lot more pictures and write more about pedigrees at coming days, stay tuned;)

 Puppies now got 5 week old and I am writing little overview about them at age 4 week old.

It was all the way very exciting week because we took puppies outdoor garden at nice sunny day very first time.   They were busy by exploring around and enjoyed the whole being in garden with their Mom. For us it is very pleasing to see the great carriage and nice headheld already in such a young age – comes from both side of parents  and grandparents.

At this stage – 4 week old – we see all 9 have correct bites and at end of week they all had all the complete baby teeth including premolars.  All the 9 of them has nicely pigmented yes, therefore no third white eyelids in litter.  They seem to have nicely ringed tails, time will show how tails forming then later.

From this litter we have two beautiful females available  and one male might be available a bit later. Do not miss the opportunity to have puppy from well planned pedigree and excellent parents with great attitude and personality! Contact us?

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 Our babies are 3 week old and here  we proudly present  the first standing photos of them! All of them have beautiful eyes with pigmented eyelids. Teeth just appeared  and we can see that all  have perfect bites.  All have  nice long tails.  And one is so heavily scented that is just amazing. Several have very nice low ear sets with long ear leather we believe  comes from Australian lines and also this litter seem to got movements hard to wait to see them in rings:)  We are very pleasured how they develop, all started well with real food and eating with great appetite. Mom Grace doing so well, we are extremely proud of her – she is in so great condition that she was back in her normal weight… Continue reading


The pictures of our 11 day old babies  was uploaded quite a many days ago, but posting comes now. What a busy days we have, that to be say, but in reality it is hard to leave the litterbox as puppies just now are so cute and eyes opening, and they try stand up on their baby legs and wandering around a bit already.  Well they grow and develop day by day and we  enjoy them every single moment.


Here comes the photos of them 11 day old – enjoy !







INT CH Al Khabara Ahabatha


New picture of our Grand Old Lady  – Favorita   ( C.I.B Int. Ch  Balt Fin Est Lv Lt CH  Al Khabara Ahabatha ) 13 years and 10 month old, still proud and dignified and healthy, still going strong.


Favorita is grandmother  of our current E-litter, we have high hopes there is lot herited from her to her grandschildren : the personality, expression, health, type,  movement, angulations and most of the sparkling showtemperament – I can keep counting her values, but …. hoping to make a video as soon we get on grass with babies.





Our E-litter puppies are already 9 days old and maturing very nicely.

Here is gallery of photos. Some babies were too active to get sharp pictures, therefore stay tuned for  our next update of  new photos of 11 day old baby puppies;)









E¤ litter 2012!Our team Extravaganza is landed and here – all in amazing sound style and girl power presented as 6  girls and 3 boys born at  27.06.2012 !
Colors  beautiful solid blacks with no spots on heads muzzles nor on paws and red brindle bm, black & brindle.
Mom Grace doing very well after giving natural whelp to all 9 puppies.

Available for reservation is 1 black female, 1 dark red brindle bm female and 1 black male.
Do not miss the opportunity to have beautiful puppy from well planned pedigree  combination  (same old Australian  and Scandinavian lines doubled both side of parents) and excellent parents – both parents are International Champions and Grace is proven producing quality litter of 9, already several champions!
Mouztafa and Grace both have  temperament and personality TO DIE FOR !!! :)

See the pedigree and  information about our E-litter here
Updates every week, stay tuned!

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Sad news…..

R.I.P  Al Khabara Aytollah Khan, Alfi

30.08.1998 – 11.06.2012
So suddenly this morning almost 14 y old …. after long and healthy life and much loved by Maike and Urmo and their family…. Our deepest condolences……

At 08.06.2012  we were driving to Sighthound Specialty Show in Latvia, judged by Lotta Brun, Spain
It was nice sunny day in Riga and show was very well organized. Our dogs truly enjoyed all the sighthounds around.
Lilli,  Al Khabara Graceful Me took the  Junior Class Excellent 1, LV JCAC, JBOS,  Reserve Best Bitch and therefore became LATVIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION which completes her Baltic Junior Championchip title aswell
Judges Comments for Lilli:
Very feminine, attractive junior female. Beautifully shaped head, good underjaw,
pretty eye, Very good neck, topline, tail. Balanced & good body for her age.
Very good movement, well presented.

Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing: Intermediate Class Excellent 1, Best bitch  #4
Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy: Intermediate Class Excellent 1.
We have no photos from this show –  we both were… Continue reading


img_1479lilli Al Khabara Guess I'm Amazing

Traditional international Estonian Winner show 2012 results for ours  only placings this year:
Bengu  (Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing ) took Intermediate Class Excellent 1 and placed  BB 3
Morris (Al Khabara Guardian Cowboy) Junior Class Excellent 2, BM 4
Our dogs enjoyed the ringside and made friendship by widening their fanclub.
We did pictures after show and here is Lilli and Bengu, thank you Salla Suokas !

Here is gallery, including photos made by Jane Jaggo, Thea Männi and some by us. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos!


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