Polonia Krist-Wil

Paola was by
CH Serra Parecis Happy Go Lucky x CH Al Khabara Aliyah-Zeba

We lost Paola….even she was old as 15 in few month, just few month ago I thought she looks soo good by her body, topline still straight and moves and walking with all the pack without any problems in this age.
We miss you Paola every day and your best buddies aswell. She was so smart and well with all our other dogs.
She was last one still alive of daughter of Aliyah-Zeba from our A-litter 1998.
I did many photos of her by my phone last years, but looking the phone folder through – it brakes my heart even more and so I post one before never published photo of her and collage  what talk thousand time more about her than my words at moment. The vale is deep….

We never forget you dear Paola and all the memories with you
We miss you…

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Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa

01.10.2006 – 24.10.2020

Mouztafa was by
Sire: EST LV CH Karakush Its U Nanimous

Mouztafa lived very healthy life in our family. He was very kind with all the dogs and people, very smart and sweet. His best buddy Jamie, his brother left us year ago and his sister Ginger only few month ago…

It is very hard to feel that dog you had around yesterday, is not anymore today. this litter is now gone – three ikids of Favourita & Mouzi, all so dears and only memories left, forever……

Miss you dear Mouztafa…….

He loved snow and to move in and on of it

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Roxanna shows crocheted snoods, now available in different colors in fashionable pastel tones: Lighter blue, Green-blue, Beige, Darker and lighter Pink and few stripey ones.

Snoods are crocheted by me, 100% merzerized cotton, both side elastic edges, maschine washable – just the kind of favourite snoods, easy to wear and take care.

Take a look and choose yours!
I always post at next workday in tracked and registered shipping!

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Boots in maroon, black or purple/violet for autumn?
I have on pair of boots in maroon, royal blue, black and some pairs available from new great darker purple-violet fabric, vulcanized inside.
Posting on photo of dog as soon I get photographed but this sample of color describes color so well.
Boots are in same pattern as always and many photos at boots page already.

Some boots come only with set with snooded cape – one last pair in Blue-grey color and purple/violet!


JCH Al Khabara FaMouz For Me
DOB 01.10.2006 – 20.06.2020

Ginger lived healthy life with us, she was friend with everyone and we all miss you so much Ginger… we miss your happy voice at mornings in kitchen when you asked your food with sparkling eyes and sweet singing…. you was my sunshine…..

Miss you so much dear Ginger ….

Musti (C.I.B*, BALT* EST, LV*, LT, RUS* CH EST VCH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) had such a great day in Valga, Estonia!

Veteran Class Excellent 1 ,  Best Dog, Best Veteran, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN SHOW , BEST IN GROUP and BEST IN SHOW 4 !

Out of Veteran class, he is 9 years old, Musti enjoyed to be in ring every minut!

Thank you so much Mr Zhida Duan/China, Dr Vojislav al Daghistani/Serbia and Carmen Navarro/Spain liking our Musti

Thank you for photos Jane Benno!


See all photos and list of  short video clips from breed ring, group and BIS competitions of Mustikas:

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Musti (C.I.B*, BALT* EST, LV*, LT, RUS* CH EST VCH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) was first time presented in Veteran class  this year in January , day earlier he got 9 year old

Veteran Class Excellent 1 , Best Of Breed, Best Dog, Best Veteran, BIS Veteran 2, Best in Group 4

Thank you so much
Mr Valentinas Stiklius,/Lithuania
Mr Andreas Savva,/Cypros

Thank you for photos Jane Benno!


See all photos:

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When someone you love dies and you’re not expecting it, you don’t lose her all at once – you lose her in pieces over a long time…..

If we only would get a more time – a week, a day, a hour, even a minute to pamper you! One more time to see you flying and gaiting in garden showing beautiful essence, carriage and movement you had… The most beautiful we’ve ever seen…



We lost our beautiful Maasu unexpetedly, we did everything possible to save her but even sterilization did not help – cancer was so spreaded.

Forever in our hearts and memories …. Maasu, we all miss you so much

img_5265 Introducing such a lovely art by Tonya Polyakova in Russia. Drawn Entel in Harem snood representing Scorpio in calendar 2020. Love it!
The calendars available via Etsy and one is now hanging on our library wall!
You can order yours ( and many more by Tonya) here:


Always as possible, we took out our dogs in brace for Brace competition ring in shows. The main goal was that they enjoy so much to move in bigger ring in pair and they can go together not leaving another one at ringside being sad there or whining why it abandoned to wait and watch while another one enjoying to show off.

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This was written be me in Facebook Notes at 2013 and I republish it here as FB seem to not support Notes sharing anymore.

Some grooming tips about our grooming method

There for sure is many ways working with Afghan Hound coat and knot managing….but not many seem to use method to avoid knots appearing. I’ve got good results with this since 2006, that works amazingly….

Currently we have several young dogs, more or less coat, they do well and without mats 2 – 3 weeks, brushing and hairdrying takes 1-2 hour;) So this technics works if used since puppyhood, if starting later, then it takes few month I guess , depending of amount broken hair in coat. As soon it grows or changes to healthy hair, it works and the time between baths lengten. We never  scissor young dogs to look less hair for judges;)  We let it coat change naturally and settle down to be long healthy hair;)

Imagine having 3 youngsters through changing hair and have no knots nor mats and can bath them every 10 day;) Except during 1-2 week after heat of females 2 month later when they drop a little coat or male when he just literally changes puppy fluff off, need to bath once per week. Yes, we have few different hair types represented aswell from little coat to lot.YES that is possible!!! With simple goal: grow the healthy hair since beginning, avoid broke any hair, bath day BEFORE any knots appearing. With this, they start have unbroken hair since young puppy age. 

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What a great way Musti (C.I.B*, BALT* EST, LV*, LT, RUS* CH EST VCH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) finished his  International CH titleBest Dog, CACIB and BEST OF BREED

Maasu ( C.I.B EST LV LT BALT RUS CH EST VCH CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) BOB Veteran and Best Bitch with BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX at Tartu International Show yesterday 3.11.2019
Thank you to Judge Mr Jason Hoke, USA

Mustikka started showing a year and few monthes ago and finished all these Championships, including C.I.B and Estonian Veteran CH in one year. He is 8 years old and get 9 in January !
He loves shows and is always joyful and firendly, such a pleasure and proud to take him to ring!

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Maasu and Musti news from Haapsalu All Breed DS at Saturday 24.08.2019
Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love)
Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster)
BIS 1 BRACE – They enjoyed the show off and move together!
BIS Brace Judge Linda Jürgens, Estonia
Thank you so much for this memorable time! Palju tänu !!!

Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) Veteran Class, Excellent 1 , Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex, Best Brace In Show, Best Veteran) was BOS and also BOB Veteran,

Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) was BOS Veteran and placed in Best Male 4 aswell. Judge Nicola Smolic

See more photos:


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Maasu and Musti news from Haapsalu All Breed DS at Sunday 25.08.2019
Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love)
Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster)
BIS 2 BRACE – They enjoyed the show off and move together again!

BIS Brace Judge Joakim Ohlsson (SWE)
Thank you so much!

Maasu (C.I.B. EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love)  was BOS and also BOB Veteran,  

Musti (EST LV LT RU CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) was BOS Veteran and placed in Best Male aswell. Judge Ekaterina Senashenko(RU).



See more photos:


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We had such a great day in Luige  – at International Dog Show in Estonia 18.08.2019!
First we want to say great thank you to Estonian Kennel Union for organizing such a great show – large rings, room for parking and being- just so proud we have  show like that in Estonia.

We had Granddaughters with us and they enjoyed the day too. Mustikas never been so well groomed by Elenora and Emilie and he got a gentle hugs after being in ring!
Maasu (C.I.B CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love ) enjoyed to show off  and move in large ring and she did us so proud again – BEST OF BREED  from Veteran Class ! She was also a Best veteran in Breed. Thank you  to Judge Grzegorz Weron, Poland!

Maasu was awarded BIS 4 Veteran by Liliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium
Then Maasu and Musti went to Brace competition and were awarded BIS 2 Brace by Valeria Rickard, USA
Maasu was awarded BEST in GROUP 2 by Grzegorz Weron,Poland

Musti was in Champion class and got second place with excellent.We have lot of pictures and I link videos too. Lot of photos this time, seen in here:

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kaliningrad-cacib-by-aivar-mitt-1-w1 Weekend in Russia turned out great with Musti – he was BEST OF BREED and BEST IN GROUP IV – in Kaliningrad International DS , 28.07.2017 

Musti  also is brand new Russian Champion by getting RUS CAC, CACIB.
We now waiting him to complete 1year 1 day to be able to finish his International C.I.B title so
he is now (waiting to apply) BALT EST LV LT RUS CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster

Big thank you to Judges !

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2011_07_23haapsalu-2 The saddest moment is when the one who gave you the great memories becomes A Memory ….
With deep sadness – 1.10.2006 – 18.7.2019

CH Al Khabara Fabulouz Fakir, “Jamie”
by CH Karakush Its Unanimous x CIB CH Al Khabara Ahabatha

Hüvasti armas oravake, oled igavesti meie mälestustes

img_1525-w What a weekend at Pärnu International DS in Estonia!

Today, Sunday Musti ( EST LV LT CH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) Champion Class, Best Dog, CACIB and BOS

Maasu ( C.I.B EST LV LT RUS CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) was BOB Veteran and Best Bitch 2

Thank you to Judge  Mr John Burgess, Australia

Second day of show and our 8 year old Maasu and Musti enjoyed to get into ring, to show off and most great was to take them around and move with such a spark and style of high order they show!

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