2 week old: 7 babies sleep, 1 baby exploring around,  1 baby got reason to come out from box for certain “thing to do” and
the last but not the least is 1 very BIG baby sitting in basket :) LOL :) Amazing they are !!!!

img_0640 img_0601

Good little babies know already where is bed and where is toilet:)

CH Al Khabara Darrah has litter 4+5 born in Sweden, kennel Zandirah.
Congratulations Carolina and Benita!

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New EST CH title for Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa

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New BLR CH title for Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa

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Vale: PL CH Al Khabara Alyjah-Zeba  “Lizzie”  30.08.1998 – 01.09.2009
Forever in our memories – Lizzie….

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New LTU CH title for Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa

ali-2008dec  Ali ( CH Al Khabara Babbar)  in the German sighthound club DWRV magazine “Unsere Windhunde”, article about Saluki Worldcongress in Finland at 2008

Article is published in pages 26-31 in german here


Eins – zwei – drei nach Finnland zum Saluki World Congress Impressionen beim ersten Saluki World Congress ‐ 26.6.‐2.7.2008 ‐ in Finnland Dieser Artikel erschien gekürzt im DWZRV‐Magazin “Unsere Windhunde”, Ausgabe Dezember 2008, Seiten 26‐31


Shownews!  Beautiful Baghera and handsome Mouzi at their  first show!

06.09.2003 All Breed Show, Vasalemma, Estonia,

Rajko Rotner/Slovenia

Al Khabara Baghera: Puppy Class 6-9 month, 1st in class, Very Promising , BEST OF BREED PUPPY,  BIS PUPPY #4
Judges Comments:
Well developed for age, nice expression, nice head, nice body, moves very well.

20043_09_vasalemmabob-2 20043_09_vasalemmabob

Karakush Its U Nanimous: Puppy Class, Very promising 1, BEST OF BREED PUPPY

Judges Comments:
Very well developed. Nice head – well proportioned with body. Good topline. Well
angulated. Very good in movement.






photo by Raija Lundstrom



Updated photos from new homes at age 3month  of  BadayaBrahmaBakira !
We wish good luck to  Brahma and  Hannah in her new homes in USA !!! Thank you, Trudi for all the kind help with your help for Hannah!
We would thank you Sanna Maija, Raija and Maija for all the BIG help in making trip to USA so comfortable and smooth for our babies! THANK YOU !!!
We wish good luck to Ali and Ulpu  in their new and loving homes in Finland!!!



PANTER  ( Al Khabara Baghera) might be avalaible for loving & showing home!

We desided to keep the two females from this wonderful litter,  but  as we know from our previous experiences it is not easy to show two sisters at same time  –  so we made the final & hard decision  to  keep only one of  sisters

She is already trained to move in lead and she have a VERY light movement, always 2 steps ahead from handler! She stacking herself without any help and have very lovely expression ! She enjying to show & go ! But that is not all: she also have a VERY lovely temperament and she have very strong hunting instnict just like Saluki have to be.

If you might be interested of this… Continue reading

Babies now 6 week old and we had special guest Raija, owner of puppie’s Sire Alpo  from Finland.  First we just adored the puppies and followed their cute baby games and  Raija took wonderful pictures of them. Aren’t they cute?
Here they are:






Random pictures
2011_05_4k__img_1159 Zuzu 6w Bengu 3yo