My name is Monica Kullarand and together with my family we own and love Afghan Hounds since 1993 and Salukis since 1998.

I am one of founders of Afghan Hound and Saluki Breed Club (AFSA) in Estonia, 2002 and is Chairman and board member of AFSA.

At 2005 I was honoured with invitation to Afghan Hound World Congress in South Africa as one of main speakers  of “Lost genes in Afghan Hound”

I was one of founders of AHI (Afghan Hound International Pedigree database) by sharing her technical ideas about datafields to available for online pedigrees 2005-2006 and is admin of AHI at current years.

Board member of Estonian Kennel Union 2006-2011
Council member of Estonian Kennel Union since 2006-2013
I was  leading the EKU Dispute commission 2008-2011.

Education: BA in Jurisprudence 2000

Always I had the interest of lace knitting as Artisan since 1986. At beginning of 90’ies she presented her laces in Helsinki fair.
Designs the lace patterns of traditional Haapsalu shawls, lace shawls and some lace curtains.
Studied Haapsalu shawl Master Class on Tallinn Rahvaülikool at 2008.
My designs and laces can be seen at website.

Time to time I design, hand knitting and crocheting the snoods for Afghan Hounds and Salukis. 

About my love of dogs…

I got my first dog Kent at my 10th birthday, 1973. He was Boxer and was gift from my parents.
The next was Lady to come at 1978- the arlekine Great Dane. With lady we been in training groups and she was my soul mate.
I and Alex married at 1983 and Lady loved our daughter, too. With three little kids we have been busy the next 9 years before we bought our very first Afghan Hound Meeri, (CH Lebensretter Montezuma) born 1993. I had luck to have excellent, well built, beautiful Afghan Hound  from beautiful litter of 10, all black masked red brindle. Meeri had wonderful movement and absolutely great temperament and she lived long healthy life as well her offspring.

Why an Afghan Hound?
At 1977, one of my relatives visited USA and brought with some Better Homes and Garden magazines. On the eastern carpet advertisement I saw the Afghan Hound posing there and as I had no idea what breed this might be my first thought was “what a beautiful animal”. It was deep in my mind when we chose the breed for us at later years.

We started show Meeri, she did well, taking attention poor handling by novice like me, finished BALT, EST, LV, LT CH and gained 3 Cacib’s. She became our foundation female as Dam of our A-litter of four where three became CH and one Multi and INT CH.

At shows we noticed another beautiful breed – Salukis and got dream to have one. After WDS in Helsinki at 1998, puppy Helmi (Multi, INT CH, EUR-VW-07 Aziz Mahtab) moved home with us. Helmi became Dam of our B and D litters. With these two litters we gained more than one can dream to gain in 20 years:

  • Best of Breed in famous Skokloster Specialty Show
  • Saluki of the Year in Finland
  • TOP 1 racing saluki of the Year in Finland
  • TOP 2 lure coursing saluki of the Year in Finland
  • Three American Champions,
  • Several International Champions , many National Champions,
  • Group winners and BIS placements,
  • One of males, bred by us, sired the Canadian National winner of the year (SBIS)
  • Three females became foundation bitches in three other countries.

Why we are not continue with our Salukibreeding?
The reason is that we did not found the male/lines we would liked to find for our Bathsheba.  All the ones we liked and adored were too close and as close linebreeding seem to be not appreciated in Salukis nor we did not wanted to give up with phenotype, health, temperament- we just did not found a male we would be interested in using for our next breeding.

Then I got the Vera Watkings very exclusive, hard to find, rare  book in to my hand, and after reading this book (and looking around by analyzing pedigrees, photos and seeing breed in many other countries) I tend to think she was right in her writings and that made us lost the whole  motivation and interest to continue breeding Salukis…
Our Bathsheba is 7 y old when I write this and it seem that time itself lead us final decision to be made… At future,  we might be interested in to import a puppy from our offspring  born in other countries if it comes interesting combination for us. Time will tell.

We are continuing our Afghan Hound breeding and we are very pleasured with all our litters. Read more  about our Afghan Hound breeding here.

I always been highly interested in breed history and pedigrees.

Although successful in the show ring – our aim is to breed healthy in mind and body, with good health and temperaments, sound conformation and movement, classical and elegant type in mind. A litter is normally bred only every few years, and only for the purpose of perpetuating the bloodlines.  Our priority is to place puppies in permanent, loving homes where they live as family, and to retain contact with them and their owners throughout their lives. 

I would like to thank my puppy owners and the other breeders I met and have great cooperation.

So thank you for visiting our site and welcome back again!