My name is Alex Kullarand and together with my family we love and breed an Afghan Hounds and Salukis.
I married with Monica at 1983 and she had the Great Dane that time, my hobby was photography and I did often photos of Lady.
Lets hope I get some scanned soon;)
1993, as I had technical education I founded my own family company (conveyour belts and more  for most Estonian factories) and it is my daily work since. Photography as just a hobby.

1993  we went to look the litter of puppies, and the rest is history of course as we came home with puppy Afghan Hound.
Few years later the next Afghan Hound became and  we started to travel around and show our dogs even more.
I mostly just waited as driver and enjoyed the travels.

At 1998 we had Belgian visitors, breeders with  their Afghan Hounds and Whippets due World Dog Show in Helsinki they also came over to Tallinn for show and visit. Monica never mentioned to Louis and Dominick that I am not handling dogs, just being  a company:).
Soon I found myself  from showring by handling one and next and they gave me a  lead of  Australian Cattle Dog to bring in Group competition. As I did not speak any English that time I was not able to refuse of course…. So I was pushed to the “sea to learn swim”  which I did:)  Thank You Louis and Dominick if you read this ;)
Since that I started handling all our own dogs. I like  when dogs enjoy  showing off just because they like to be in ring with me.

In our kennel the handling and exercising became my  interest the most while the pedigrees and pre-planning is more the joy of Monica.
We both take care of grooming depending our job schedules, aswell taking care of puppies or oldies…

We have FCI registered kennel affix Al Khabara since 1998.
I am the board member of Estonian Afghan Hound and Saluki breed club.