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This was written be me in Facebook Notes at 2013 and I republish it here as FB seem to not support Notes sharing anymore.

Some grooming tips about our grooming method

There for sure is many ways working with Afghan Hound coat and knot managing….but not many seem to use method to avoid knots appearing. I’ve got good results with this since 2006, that works amazingly….

Currently we have several young dogs, more or less coat, they do well and without mats 2 – 3 weeks, brushing and hairdrying takes 1-2 hour;) So this technics works if used since puppyhood, if starting later, then it takes few month I guess , depending of amount broken hair in coat. As soon it grows or changes to healthy hair, it works and the time between baths lengten. We never  scissor young dogs to look less hair for judges;)  We let it coat change naturally and settle down to be long healthy hair;)

Imagine having 3 youngsters through changing hair and have no knots nor mats and can bath them every 10 day;) Except during 1-2 week after heat of females 2 month later when they drop a little coat or male when he just literally changes puppy fluff off, need to bath once per week. Yes, we have few different hair types represented aswell from little coat to lot.YES that is possible!!! With simple goal: grow the healthy hair since beginning, avoid broke any hair, bath day BEFORE any knots appearing. With this, they start have unbroken hair since young puppy age. 

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What a great way Musti (C.I.B*, BALT* EST, LV*, LT, RUS* CH EST VCH Al Khabara Gentle Gangster) finished his  International CH titleBest Dog, CACIB and BEST OF BREED

Maasu ( C.I.B EST LV LT BALT RUS CH EST VCH CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) BOB Veteran and Best Bitch with BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX at Tartu International Show yesterday 3.11.2019
Thank you to Judge Mr Jason Hoke, USA

Mustikka started showing a year and few monthes ago and finished all these Championships, including C.I.B and Estonian Veteran CH in one year. He is 8 years old and get 9 in January !
He loves shows and is always joyful and firendly, such a pleasure and proud to take him to ring!

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