New photo of Sensei

2017-sensei-4-w   Sensei  (AM CH Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational JC) pictured at Woofstock

This young and handsome boy is from our latest  L-litter  by

C.I.B Nord CH Am Can Mal Dk N Se Est CH BHV-13, DK Winner 14, 15 POLO’S KABIK T’SENSATION “Halo” x
C.I.B Balt Est Lt Lv CH Balt Est Lv Lt JCH, Tallinn JW-12, Tallinn W-13, LT W-2013 AL KHABARA GRACEFUL ME “Lilli

Sensei is owned by Karen Baker ( Baakara), USA and Liv Røyneland, Norway

More photos : (uploaded 14, August 2017 !)
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Specialty Show in Finland

img_2704fb Pictured is SMOKEY ( CH Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation )  in Best Male competition in line.
What I can see that he does not feel youngster anymore taking attention his expression says pretty clearly that he now is adult and knows his value :)  Only few month ago he got 2 years old and competing in adult classes now.

All the same weekend few of ours travel to  Specialty Show in Finland to see breed and allow our young dogs to enjoy large showring.
Weather was perfect and, like previous time  in same show – the large birds took the lights over showring – to make us alert just in case to make sure ours can’t fly after them.
Only one class placement with excellents for all hence the showresults not to announce but only some photos and  videos.
Knew before registering dogs that this breeder judge bred different type and values so no problems with ours no valued.

I only have one video in camera before batteries got empty and this is Smokey in class judging. I like so lot the moment how he in turning the head to judge to look “at and through” to judge before judge check his head.  Expression and essence of breed is so very important for us as breeders.
So it will be photo blogging this time, enjoy !  S more here:

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New photos of Rocky

mg_2033fb Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock, pictured just after getting 2 years old

He is from our L-litter by  C.I.B Nord CH Am Can Mal Dk N Se Est CH BHV-13, DK Winner 14, 15 POLO’S KABIK T’SENSATION “Halo” x
C.I.B Balt Est Lt Lv CH Balt Est Lv Lt JCH, Tallinn JW-12, Tallinn W-13, LT W-2013 AL KHABARA GRACEFUL ME “Lilli”

Rocky has Swedish CAC and he opened also his International Championship having first CACIB.
Rocky is owned and loved by Lena Johansson in Sweden.
More photos:

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New photos of Maasu

mg_2159fb  Maasu !
CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love
(SBIS INT, NORD, FIN, SWE, NO, DK, EST CH Nord W-09 FINW-11, 14, HKI W-14, Vet World Winner-15 Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy
SBOS, INT, BALT, EST, LT, LV, BLR, RUS CH, EST JCH, EST VET CH, Alpe Adria W-06, Alpe Adria JW-06, LT CLW-07,08, EST VW-2013 Kingsleah Amazing Grace
New headstudies of Maasu, got so many of her, uploading some. Low resolution because not to find  any on my photos printed on mass produstion somewhere. So you know why.  See more photos:

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Essie The Princess

2016_5_0   2016_6_0

New photos of Essie (FI EST CH Al Khabara Essence Of Noir) 4 years old, living like a Princess and what else would be like a music to the breeder’s ears to hear she makes her owners happy with   easy, silky and  easy hair so easy to take care!

Essie is by C.I.B BALT EST LV LT CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa x C.I.B BALT EST LV LT CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace (E-litter)
and is owned and loved by Katja Kuusisto in Finland



Roxanna in Tartu show


We also had Roxanna entered yesterday 5.11.16 in Tartu International Show, she enjoyed herself in ring offering the competition to adult classes, taking res-CACIB and BB-2
Have no pic from show but here she is pictured earlier this autumn!
Roxanna is EST LV JCH EST JW-16, TLN Cup JW-16 Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily from our Halo x Lilli litter and owned & loved & handled by me.

New photos of Smokey

img_1626-smokey-wfb img_1660-smokey-fb

Took some new photos of Smokey  (Balt Est Lv Lt JCH Est JW-16 Tln Cup JW-16 AL KHABARA LET ME BE YOUR SENSATION ).
Smokey is from our Halo x Lilli litter – CIB CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me
He is 17 month old and we are very pleasured with this young boy with amazing character and how he is developing.
The story of Smokey is that he was planned to go to Australia Continue reading

Damitha 11,5 years

2016-11-5-yo Sweet Dusya (Multi CH, C.I.B. Al Khabara Damitha) – 11,5 years – photo from Germany,, how lovely to see  Dusya 11,5 years young, mother of 2 litters still going strong! 

We are so happy Dusya is so loved  and we are SO proud of offspring and grandoffspring carrying her line ahead!
Dusya lives in Al Naqawa kennel, Germany




Kiss headstudy

2016-09-10 Kiss ( Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily) is beautiful as her sisters, she is one from three girl in this litter who turned out most similar to her mom Lilli (CH Al Khabara Graceful Me).

I have got so many nice feedback about her from the ones met her in person.  She has the so admired Afghan Hound  expression and gives you that special look that lets you understand you are not valuable comparing her.

She also tends to do this at showstack like saying ” Look at Me ”  and if she do not get attention enough then she gives you look “what is here so hard to understand who is best here?”.  I was so laughing hearing this as also her Mom Lilli tends to give that look to judges and make ringside smile on her.  No wonder also Kiss has her own fan club!

She is on the way to finish soon her title, we are keeping fingers for her ;)

Kiss is owned by Karen and Jen (kennels Baakara and Cairo)

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Phoebe headstudy

img_9915-phoebe-w Here comes Phoebe ( Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley ) pictured few days ago! What can I say, I just adore her. By personality she is opposite of her sister Roxanna or should I say rascal Roxanna.  Phoebe is so lady-like, never running through dirt in garden, or looking for troubles by counter surfing – she is so good girl and I mean good with other dogs, people and everything, so sweet and loving soul.  But….. she singing louder than anyone else when Alex arriving home and she hear the car driving in.

I think her name Lily Of The Valley suits her so well and she was Piibe (Phoebe) for me since beginning. But she is Chanel for Alex and knows both names well. One would think here of Roxanna who has quite a several names and selective hearing depend what for you call her :)

Her two first show went under rain so she haven’t got to enjoy herself in showring yet, tho she got first  two junior CC and we are looking for some shows with her in near future.

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