Lil’ loving hands and our 3 week old puppies from L-litter!

Puppies now has whole room in their use to climb, run, move and play and lot soft warm toys  for warmth to sleep.  Their Mom feels good spending time with puppies and she has lot milk so puppies are pretty  bold and beautiful :)

They all now know to go to newspaper, only sometimes  two little paws standing on edge of newspaper while the rest of body is out of edge – this makes you smile but they try so hard.

We know they are too young for first standing photos, but we wouldn’t resist to try them out – stay tuned  with us to see them in next blog posts!


See more photos of their daily  life here:

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Diva – AM CH  Al Khabara Brahma, almost 12 years old, sending us  lovely  greetings with this fairytale-like photo from  USA.

Such a Sweet Spirit is Darling Diva. Living the good life, retired from showing, lounging as a bed buddy on the farm in Kentucky and enjoying playing with her children and grandkids. Diva and her Brother Pauli (AM Ch. Al Khabara BoulBoul) will be 12 years old January 23, 2015. Both still doing very well and enjoying life. Both are such Joy and Blessings



Diva and Pauli both owned and loved by Trudi Jensen at Cazimir Hounds.

 One of these nice weekends out in walk with handful Al Khabara’s.
From the left:

Lilli – C.I.B CH Al Khabara Graceful Me – 3 years old
Gracie – C.I.B CH Kingsleah Amazing of Grace – 9 years old
Soffi – Al Khabara Escada – 2 years old
Mouztafa – C.I.B CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa – 8 years old
Entel – CH Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me – 2 years old
Bengu – C.I.B CH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing – 3 years old.

To mention, Grace is Mama to Lilli, Soffi, Entel And Bengu and Mouztafa and Grace are parents to Soffi and Entel.

And…. there is represented  Al Khabara’s  from three of our litters – F, G and E.
So it is kind  of family portrait here :)

See more photos here:


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We are groomin’ Maasu, we mean me and Lilli, she’s my little helper always when I am grooming :)

 Our F-litter got 8 years old earlier in October,  they all go strong and running wild with youngsters only the greying on muzzle lets aim the age and  thy all have been healthy all these years.

Here is Mouztafa ( C.I.B. CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa) pictured last weekend when we were at walk with 6 of our dogs, stay tuned for more photos as soon I get a moment to upload.

Mouztafa is Sire of our E-litter born 2012.

Still so hard to believe they are now in age of veterans.



( CH Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me)
knows how to make happy couching in style of high order :)

Just could’nt resist to upload whole series of Entel posing for camera.

Please notice she is wearing her new collar  handmade by me.

This type of soft collars are so good in every day usage.

I might have few available , contact me if you like it.


See the photos:

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Have a nice Caturday you all !

Introducing Lil’ Bengal kitty Django 5 month old, born in Italian cattery.

More photos and two videos of  cute “jungle boy”  – warning: this video is extremely cute, these big black paws can broke your heart!

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Hello from Dhaka  ( Al Khabara Dhaka Shah).

Dhaka is from our D-litter born 2004 and enjoying his retirement days, like all the Salukis do- also Dhaka loves happy couching.

Pictured here with lil’ buddy kitty and there is many new photos  form him while happy couching but also having fun in snow in  last winter and also with his lifetime buddy Marius, the Dogo Argentino who, I guess, is even older than Dhaka is.

Dhaka is owned and loved by Ene and Kalle in Estonia.

Please see whole new gallery of lovely Dhaka here:

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Vohveli,  (Al Khabara Daheem) 9 years old celebrating the spring wholeheartly by running wild and happy in garden and doing that every day till winterholiday which she mostly spend as couch potato because she is Saluki princess who do not like the cold and rain.


Vohveli lives toghether with her brother Tahma in loving family family of Hanna and Henri in Finland





Happy Birthday 11 years old  today our beautiful Mouzi !

Mouzi is  CH Karakush Its U Nanimous
(CH Karakush The Heat is On x CH Karakush Unforgettable U)

Mouzi has no aging signs yet other than that cute graying face,  he still carries himself proud and has solid hard topline. We are very happy to have our Mouzi  been healthy all these 11 years and still going strong!  Mouzi’s kids and grandkids all wishing Happy Birthday to Mouzi!

We love you our Mr Mouzi Man!

Here is Mouzi pictured on grooming table lately when he got a clean paw grooming suitable for wet and muddy winter we have this year.

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Random pictures
2011_08_05_ltu_baltw-5 img_6232hp Mouztafa