International Tallinn Winner 2013 show in Tallinn, Estonia and what a results for our girls! 

Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me:  BEST OF BREED Junior, EST JCAC, BB-4, Tallinn JW-13, BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR #2

Entel, 9 month old and very first time in Junior class, gained her very first title  TAL JW -13 and got her first junior CAC!

Entel also placed in four Best Females being BB -4,
wow, yes 9 month old and at international show!

Thats not all  as Entel also took reserve BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR !

This is all breed Best in Show competition where all Best of Breed juniors came to ring at same time and 4 best of them placing in competition. Very large entries.

And Entel enjoyed to move in big ring, “smile” on and head high she went with great spring and drive!

Now, yes we are very proud of her and happy for  little Entel and sincere Thank you to Breed Judge Mrs Berri Beare and
BIS Junior Judge –  Jurate Butkiene – Thank you so much!







Kingsleah Amazing Grace:  Best of Breed Progeny Group, BEST IN SHOW PROGENY GROUP
Well, Gracie actually deserving separate posting but here it comes this time.

Here is Grace pictured day earlier on grooming table  yet without having a clue what a great Birthday she will have!
We are shamelessly proud how beautiful our dear Grace looking after having two large litters, 9 puppies in each at 2012 and 2011.  Latest puppies are currently 9 month old and  just like after previous litter at age 9 month old when she went and took CACIB,  now she got 8 years old and is now Veteran , so we thought it is right to step in to rings for her again. Not to mention how lot she loves shows herself, too.

Gracie is in super good condition and if  someone might think we kept her wrapped or separated from puppies then big NO- she had freedom to come and go and she liked to be with her pups whole the times in same rooms and in garden, you can see her on lot photos in E litter album.

Remember the lovely photo of Gracie going to Sunday morning walk followed by her babies taken last summer?

Now this Sunday Gracie took a BEST IN SHOW PROGENY GROUP followed by her lovely kids Entel, Soffi and Lilli from both litters;)

Oh yes we are shamelessly bragging our Gracie and she can seen in show rings whole this summer with pride and joy! Thank you so much to BIS Judge Mr Laurent Heinesche / Luxembourg

We have NEW Champion !!!
Al Khabara Graceful Me:  Best Bitch, BOS, EST CAC, CACIB,  EST CHAMPION, Tallinn Winner -2013

Lilli gained 3rd CACIB in 1,5 month, now that’s a girl !

First adult Champion title for our G-litter!
New titles for Lilli are EST CH and LT CH* and
Tallinn Winner -2013.

Well done Lilli, we are so proud of you!
Our sincere Thank You to Judge Mrs Berri Beare, Ireland



And last but not a least :

Al Khabara Breeder Group  was  BEST OF BREED BREEDER GROUP

Thank you so much, Judges,  for making this show so memorable for us!

Our sincere Thank You goes also to Maria Kristiina and Natalia for  your help in handling and to Elsgen for you great help at ringside ! Thank you!


See lot photos here, click on arrow and photos all open here in same window:



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