Show weekend in Lithuania

rosetid  Looks like we’ve got TWO brand new INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS and two  new Champions this past weekend!  Smokey and Maasu both took the last CACIB’s and finished their International CH titles. Smokey did it great style going BOB and BOG 3.  Photos in next post, stay tuned with us !


BIS at Hunting Breeds Specialty!

img_2347fb BEST IN SHOW!
What a day for Smokey (Balt Est Lv Lt JCH Est W-16 TLN JWCup-16 Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation) – and what a way to finish – he is now 2 yo and with EST CAC he finished his EST CH today, BEST OF BREED and BEST IN SHOW
at only specialty we go here in home country – Hunting Breeds Specialty show, 13.05.17 in Särevere!
Roxanna ( New EST CH Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily)  finished today too !
She took BOS and her EST CAC what makes her EST CH now too!
Smokey and Roxanna also took BIS BRACE 
Thank you to Judge Mrs Rita Kadike Skadina Mr Kalvo Kriisk making this show so memorablefor us!

Smokey and Roxanna are by CIB CH Polo’s Kabik’T Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me  ( L-litter) and is owned &  handled by me.
More photos and writing some more

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Smokey and camera

img_0375-001-fb What a task, sorting hundred of photos from past summer shows and found one of Smokey who always finds the camera and looks straight at what a fetching Smokey, even he so reminds me his Daddy Halo by essence this is what exactly like her Mom Lilli does :D


New photos of Smokey

img_1626-smokey-wfb img_1660-smokey-fb

Took some new photos of Smokey  (Balt Est Lv Lt JCH Est JW-16 Tln Cup JW-16 AL KHABARA LET ME BE YOUR SENSATION ).
Smokey is from our Halo x Lilli litter – CIB CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me
He is 17 month old and we are very pleasured with this young boy with amazing character and how he is developing.
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Shownews from Haapsalu, Estonia

img_1827-smokey-gr3-fb1 We had great weekend!
Last show this summer under sun and wind and great results at Haapsalu-Uuemõisa All Breed show!

Smokey – Balt Est Lv Lt JCH Est JW-16 Tln Cup JW-16 AL KHABARA LET ME BE YOUR SENSATION took
Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily: Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex out of intermediate class and  Phoebe
Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley: Best Bitch 4, BOS junior

All three are from our Halo x Lilli litter – CIB CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me and are 17 month old

We thank you, Judges  Yoshimi Suzuki from Japan  and Zafra Sirik from Israel, for appreciating our dogs and making this show memorable for us!

As usually with youngsters, we took Smokey and Roxanna to the Brace competition, not only they enjoyed together they took both days the BEST IN SHOW BRACE III  ! Thank you to judges and ringside friends :)


Smokey and Roxanna in Bis Brace ring, always such fun to take them to the ring and strong wind that day made them even more to enjoy

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All three finished their first titles

img_1172-fb Smokey, Roxanna and Phoebe :)
BALT EST LV LTJCH TLN CUP JW-16 EST JW-16 Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation “Smokey”
EST LV JCH TLN CUP JW-16, EST JW-16 Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily “Roxanna”
EST LV JCH Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley “Phoebe”
17 month old
by Int CH Polo’S Kabik T’Sensation “Halo” x
Int CH Al Khabara Graceful Me “Lilli”

All they are now finished their Junior titles :)



Shownews from Tartu

img_1188-fb1  Chanel finished her first CH title yesterday at Ülenurme all breed show and became also BOS. She is now EST JCH Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley.
Pictured here with Wesley – Int Multi CH Agha Djari’s Wait Til You See Me – BOB, congratulations Kristel & Wesley

img_1155 More pics from last weekend, we also had Roxanna with us tho not entered as she is finished already. Here they are, our trio, enjoying themselves :)

 See lot more pictures :


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Shownews from Latvia, Adazi INT

maas3 Weekend news turned up that cool as two youngsters from our latest litter, 17 month old, got their first CACIB’s this past weekend – SMOKEY ( JCH Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) at Adazi I nternational Show in Latvia, under pouring heavy rain and
ROCKY ( Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock) from International show in Ransäter, Sweden 
as the res-CACIB’s turn into CACIBs for both of them.

Both boys opened their International Championship plus Rocky opened his Swedish Championship with his SWE CAC.

What a pity we do not have any picture from Latvia because the rain and flashing was that bad and my hands were busy with holding up the tent and grooming dogs for Alex to take into ring one by one.

But I have only these  few moving pictures and  little video clip of  Maasu, who did not dare of rain, but as heavier it rained ( and you can hear how heavily it poured down when watching the video below this post) than more fed up she also got and she refused to go inside of  judges tent. She is stubborn – haha – but she likes to move  and show off.

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Having fun

img_9104-fb Took our one year old pups and their Grandmom Grace ( 11 yo) out to mirrored training room yesterday to have some fun.  Grace was so happy and running around happily,  what a pity we can’t take her to the shows into veteran classes because she has hair clipped short under belly and from sides due  two sided mastecomy surgeries she had lately which she recovered so well and is now full of energy and joyful retirement days.  I believe that her condition would let her to offer competition to much younger ones in shows. Grace ( CIB CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace is mother  of  our  two large litters  and still going strong, very happy of my darling Gracie.

Did’nt have the plan to take photos, but couldn’t resist to take some snapshots.  We had Phoebe, Smokey and Roxanna with us.  Interesting is that Roxanna has the very same personality as is her Grandmom Gracie only in different colours.  Can’t stop wondering this enough, once a clown, always clown and not a dull day with Roxanna. Phoebe is more ladylike, so she would never act like monster, both are sweet as can be but same time different.  

What a wonderful place it is PetCity Arena in Tallinn  and the the flooring is best ever, safe and not slippery. Here is more photos  of our joyful pack:

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Shownews from Latvia

lvjcac2x Roxanna (Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily) and Smokey (Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation )  both took LV JCAC’s and Crufts Qualification ’17 today at International Show in Riga, Latvia 19.03.2016.
What a fun they had and enjoyed themself in showring
Both are from our L-litter by Halo and Lilli

We thank judge Rasma Ergle!
Unfortunately no photos of them because Alex was alone and handling

Now we are waiting summer and big grassy showrings :)



First titles for Smokey and Roxanna

smokey_-img_8740fb  Smokey and Roxanna were today first time in junior class in Estonia, both got EST Junior CAC’s and Smokey was BOB junior, Roxanna BOS junior. Both were placing in breed ring, Smokey Best male 4th and Roxanna Best female 4th, both got their first titles with their names:
Tallinn Winter Cup JW-2016 Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation and
Tallinn Winter Cup JW-2016 Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily .
They traditionally doing everything in synchronous, and this show was not exception – in autumn they took Reserv Puppy BIS both in same weekend in all breed show, aren’t they funny buddies ? Not to mention how fun it is to be in shows with them, just can’t wait the outdoor shows with big grassy rings !

We also had Phoebe, their littersister, with us – she was not entered but Phoebe enjoyed the indoor show first time. Looks like camera loves this girl, we got lot photos of Phoebe but in some reason not a one of Roxanna from this day. Phoebe get her own post later today, stay tuned with us :)

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Shownews from Lithuania

smokey-10-m-kaunas  Our babies now 10 month old and first time out in junior classes at 30.01.2016 International Show, Kaunas Winter -2016, Lithuania
Smokey (Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) took  LT Junior CAC  Have no better/sharper photos than that, but so many asked to see how the babies growing, so here he is pictured :)

Roxanna, (Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily) : got Excellent 2 in Junior class.
Roxanna looks yet like puppy and acting like a puppy :)   But how we would dare to take all this fun away from her ? :)
From photos we can see that she already knows her value and shows off like a queen, can’t wait the summer shows with large grassy rings to take her in. This one in Kaunas for sure was the smallest size of ring I ever seen. 3 steps each side. But some pictures….not very sharp tho.
Smokey enjoyed himself anyway, like always :)

Thank you to judge Mrs Monika Mikulienė/Lithuania
See the photos here:

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Shownews from Estonia

img_8428fb Today, SMOKEY (Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation)  was holding high the flag of our L-team by taking no less than her sis Roxanna yesterday, but very same BEST OF BREED PUPPY, and Reserve BEST IN SHOW Puppy in Rakvere All breed show, Estonia.

No photos of him unfortunately from this show yet, but pictured is his “goldware” and rosettes side of Roxanna’s from yesterday.

Our sincere Thank you goes to judges:
Breed: Mrs Manola Poggesi,/Italy
BIS Puppy: Mr Antonio di Lorenzo,/Italy



Shownews from Estonia

mg_0044 Roxanna took BOB Puppy 27.09.2015 in Tallinn and her brother Smokey BOS Puppy both with Honour Prizes. We did not stay in groups, but Roxanna got a lil’ photoshoot, pictured with Carolin


Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily: Puppy Class, Best Female Puppy, HP, BOB PUPPY
Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation: Puppy Class, Best Male Puppy, HP, BOS PUPPY

We are thanking judge Mr José Tomas Delgado Cabezas, Spain for the great descriptions for our puppies!

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