mg_0882-002-gr-3 Musti GROUP 3, BEST OF BREED, LV CAC yesterday in Valmiera, Latvia –
Musti Mission is – AL KHABARA GENTLE GANGSTER (C.I.B Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x C.I.B Kingsleah Amazing Grace)

His sister Maasu (C.I.B EST LT RUS CH AL KHABARA GRACE OF LOVE) was BOS and LV CAC – she is now LV CHAMPION !
Thank you to Judges   Jos De Cuyper / Belgium and Myrna Shiboleth /Israel
Musti and Maasu went to  brace too, great photo ! See:

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rosetid  Looks like we’ve got TWO brand new INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS and two  new Champions this past weekend!  Smokey and Maasu both took the last CACIB’s and finished their International CH titles. Smokey did it great style going BOB and BOG 3.  Photos in next post, stay tuned with us !


mg_2159fb  Maasu !
CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love
(SBIS INT, NORD, FIN, SWE, NO, DK, EST CH Nord W-09 FINW-11, 14, HKI W-14, Vet World Winner-15 Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy
SBOS, INT, BALT, EST, LT, LV, BLR, RUS CH, EST JCH, EST VET CH, Alpe Adria W-06, Alpe Adria JW-06, LT CLW-07,08, EST VW-2013 Kingsleah Amazing Grace
New headstudies of Maasu, got so many of her, uploading some. Low resolution because not to find  any on my photos printed on mass produstion somewhere. So you know why.  See more photos:

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maas3 Weekend news turned up that cool as two youngsters from our latest litter, 17 month old, got their first CACIB’s this past weekend – SMOKEY ( JCH Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) at Adazi I nternational Show in Latvia, under pouring heavy rain and
ROCKY ( Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock) from International show in Ransäter, Sweden 
as the res-CACIB’s turn into CACIBs for both of them.

Both boys opened their International Championship plus Rocky opened his Swedish Championship with his SWE CAC.

What a pity we do not have any picture from Latvia because the rain and flashing was that bad and my hands were busy with holding up the tent and grooming dogs for Alex to take into ring one by one.

But I have only these  few moving pictures and  little video clip of  Maasu, who did not dare of rain, but as heavier it rained ( and you can hear how heavily it poured down when watching the video below this post) than more fed up she also got and she refused to go inside of  judges tent. She is stubborn – haha – but she likes to move  and show off.

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Looking for the colorful autumn, Maasu  modelling her new Orange snood like in  bird TV advertisement :)

I have another one similar available, contact me if you interested to have it ;)

Video of Maasu ( Ch Al Khabara Grace Of Love) from the International Show in Pärnu last weekend.

Maasu got CACIB and BOS.  Many thanks to judge Mr Rainer Jacobs, Germany

Video is also in HQ.
It was hot day but she loved to show off 
Maasu is from our G-litter by Moritz and Grace, she is littersister to Bengu and Lilli. 

See video:

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Maasu ( EST CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) opened her International Championship nicely in Pärnu International Show this weekend by taking CACIB and Best Opposite Sex.

Many thanks to judge Mr Rainer Jacobs, Germany

Well done Maasu, she is from our successful 3 years old G-litter, where from in this spring 3 International Champions finished and also Rosie in Sweden is on waiting year for her CIB title.

So, Maasu is 5th from this young litter in international title competition.

Stay tuned with us, video of Maasu in ring coming from Pärnu show!







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We had great day at Tartu Iternational Show at 2.11.2013, here is results:

Bengu, CH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing took Champion Class, Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex, and CACIB
Maasu,  CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love  took Open Class and placed  Best Bitch 2 and res-CACIB  after her sister Bengu. Well done sisters, taking attention it was very first indoor show for Maasu, she wondered the place but enjoyed the moving with pride and joy!  And move they got enough, many rings a round and still neither of these sisters gave up in condition, well done girls! (and their handlers Alex and Carolin of course;)

Both- Bengu and Maasu got reqognized by their breed typical movements and beautiful heads aswell their little sister Entel – Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me who took  Junior Class ,  JCAC, JBOS and finished her EST JCH title.

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Quiet here?  We have holiday and just enjoying the days therefore no much news but some lil’ ones only.

Here is three news in one photo – three Champion titles confirmed, one of them for Grace as Veteran Champion and well done Maasu and Morris, too.

More titles waiting to confirm till saving some hundreds, lol.

Introducing new photos of Maasu

(CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) we did at nice sunny and windy Sunday.

What a pity the summer shows are now over and tiny indoor rings till May next year, so we let ours to have some fun yet as there is already autumn in air.

Maasu loved it and took all the fun her side tho it was quite a hot sunny day. Stay tuned also for video asap.

See all the photos:

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We have NEW Champion again!

Maasu – Al Khabara Grace Of Love finished her CH  title  in great style taking BEST OF BREED and BEST OF GROUP 3 at All Breed Show in Ulenurme, Estonia last weekend!

She got all CC’s in three shows in row !

Maasu came back to us in this spring and we decided to offer her some fun activity and  started show her in June, she was never shown before but loved to be the queen of rings since first minutes !

Maasu is 4th champion from our  young G-litter  and we believe Maasu now is ready to compete at International Shows to the way for her International C.I.B title.

Watch this amazing mover girl in rings this coming season!


14.07.2013 All Breed Show, Viimsi, Estonia

our results:

Al Khabara Grace Of Love: Open Class, Excellent 1, EST CAC Reserve Best Bitch
Al Khabara Escada: Junior Class, Excellent 3
Al Khabara Eleganzza: Junior Class, Excellent 4
Kingsleah Amazing Grace : BIS I Progeny Group 


Way to go Gracie the Amazing and well done Maasu – EST CAC second show in row and only 1 more CC far from finishing her Champion title !!!

Some short videos of  Maasu and Eleganzza in ring:

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Maasu is Al Khabara Grace of Love from our G-litter, sired by C.I.B Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x C.I.B Kingsleah Amazing Grace

We took Maasu back to Al Khabara this spring because owner had no possibilities to have her so Maasu naturally came back to us and we are looking to find right forever home for Maasu.

She fell love to her sister Lilli since first evening, they sleep and eat together and playing the afghan hound wrestling games that makes us drop to tear of laughing. Maasu is big friend also with Mr Mouzi who have been a bit lonely after his buddy Nikki left us in February.

Maasu never been in show stack or in show collar and leash before  and  as soon the snow was gone we took her out of curiosity  to see how she moves. Well we are amazed, but being honest, not very surprised – she has the head held and movement just like her litter mates has!

Maasu has nice silky hair structure and very easy to care, tho she still need a bit growing hair out, I have been taking excellent care of her hair and she doing fine for 2 weeks between baths, so her coat is ready to grow well.

Here comes video of Maasu in show !

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Random pictures
2005_6-4y 2011_08_7mo Lilli 1 year old