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smokey-10-m-kaunas  Our babies now 10 month old and first time out in junior classes at 30.01.2016 International Show, Kaunas Winter -2016, Lithuania
Smokey (Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) took  LT Junior CAC  Have no better/sharper photos than that, but so many asked to see how the babies growing, so here he is pictured :)

Roxanna, (Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily) : got Excellent 2 in Junior class.
Roxanna looks yet like puppy and acting like a puppy :)   But how we would dare to take all this fun away from her ? :)
From photos we can see that she already knows her value and shows off like a queen, can’t wait the summer shows with large grassy rings to take her in. This one in Kaunas for sure was the smallest size of ring I ever seen. 3 steps each side. But some pictures….not very sharp tho.
Smokey enjoyed himself anyway, like always :)

Thank you to judge Mrs Monika Mikulienė/Lithuania
See the photos here:

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Vilnius Cup-2013

Photo by Arturasz Photography

Lilli took   GROUP 3 and  BEST OF BREED !!!

Great weekend in Lithuania, there was two international shows at same weekend at 2-3.03.2013, first day it was Lithuanian Winner -2013 show and at Sunday it was Vilnius Cup-2013.

Again, like day earlier, our team was represented by three Al Khabara Afghan Hounds:

Lilli (JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me) and

Bengu  (JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) – both again in open class

and little  Entel (Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me) in Puppy class.

First of ours one to step into spotlight was Entel in to Puppy class.Like day earlier, Entel got a very nice experience from judge Mr Željko Žilnik from Croatia.  Entel loved to show and move and she achieved Best Female Puppy in breed aswell Best of Breed Puppy in breed award.
Entel pictured at left.

So Entel goes to big BIS Puppy ring also today evening. Such a good experience for her!


And now it was time for Lilli and Bengu  to get prepared  for their presence. In they went with pride and joy, as you can see from these photos:


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Lithuanian Winner 2013

 NEW Title for Lilli ! LITHUANIAN WINNER -2013!
What a great weekend we had in Lithuania!
This is going to be long story, be prepared to stay with us for reading and lot photos;)

Two international shows, Lithuanian Winner-2013 and Vilnius Cup -2013 was held at 3-4.03.2013 in Vilnius.  Our team was represented by young  sisters Lilli (JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me) and Bengu  (JCH Al Khabara Guess I’m Amazing) and little  Entel (Al Khabara Easy Breezy Me) in Puppy class.

At first day there was Lithuanian Winner-13 show where BOB and BOS winners get country winner titles – the most important show held once in year in each country.

Lilli and Bengu were both entered into open class because they just lately got 2 years old. For Entel it was very first travelling so far as 10 hours in bus.

She did do great and enjoyed whole trip.
Entel is from our E-litter whose puppy class age have been  from January to March so they unfortunately have not yet much experience like our previous litter who had whole summer full of outdoor shows and travels.

So we had no idea how Entel performing when I entered to ring with her. We were not only ones with Entel, we had competition as well!  Maybe I was more concerned than Entel itself – she was stoic calm and enjoyed to meet judge, I must say meet judges, because there was also a exercise judge in ring so she got double examination. And if one might perhaps think if I was really concerned if I win or not then you are wrong- I was concerned and hopnig that Entel get nice experience at judge examination in first order and she did – both judges were so gentle handed experts, great pleasure and great experience for Entel!

First Entel did not understand anything about moving around she just tried to follow me, such a baby yet, but then she got it and we went all the way smoothly and nicely.

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