Boots for Afghan Hounds

High, up to elbows  (52 cm) boots, staying on well.
Lining: 2 ply bottoms and lining can pulled off.
Bottoms faux-leather

Priority of the boots made by me is easy to wear and walk. See video
Boots are made from different fabric:
polyester outer for rainier days and ripstop type lighter fabric still vulcanized inside or nylon type fabric vulcanized inside

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Color :
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Care of boots
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Hand wash only.  Use liquid soap. No dryer.  Dry on air, never on pattery/radiator. Pull the lining out from boots for fast dry in air.

 Important to know wearing boots:

  • Rear leg boots are pattern designed for rear legs taking attention of hock angles,  and also  velcro are designed to fit better around  knee. For easier find the good tip is to add kind of stickers on them.
  • NEVER let your Afghan Hound off leash wearing boots, this can cause injury
  • The bottoms of boots are not meant to last long if using them for daily long walks, the priority is elasticity and comfort for dog. Even the best wellies made for human not last for years.... For longer walks use rather bottomless boots (leggings) and wash paws after walk. Leg hair still stay clean.
  • Keep the nails of your dog cut often as possible. Sharp nails wears off the bottoms
  • Seeing the marks of wearing off on bottoms, use the duct tape by taping the bottoms all over. This lengthen the time of usage.  After totally wearing off, cut the bottoms off and use as bottomless at rainy days.
  • Using the boots only before shows or in travelling or short distances for the needs,  they  last pretty long as year or more, depending of usage.

PayPal is the only payment option at moment
When you are in EURO area and prefer the IBAN bank transfer payment, please contact me for invoice

Shipping in three working days after payment received and always shipping registered mail.
Where SmartPost is available and prefered, please contact me for costs

ALKHABARA TÜ reg 12745952, Estonia, EU For questions or custom orders please contact me.  

See on video how easy it is to walk and move in boots made soft and comfortable for Afghan Hound. This is Maasu showing how easygoing can boots be: not too tight, not too big, soft fabric. Stay up well and no marching!!!



Time to time we have boots or leggings in sets available with collar or snood in matching colors
At moment we have available te TERRACOTTA SET of high boots  and/or leggings and Harem style crocheted snood
Contact me

Interested in leggings? 

Bottomless boots (leggings) are made to save the hair on legs from dust and leaves at longer walks. Three velcros. Nylon or ripstop type fabric, coated inside.
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