Riga Int 2017

img_0869-maasu We were in Riga INT show at past weekend, no results this time but only placements:

Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily:  Reserve Best Bitch, res-CACIB
Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock:  Best male 4
Al Khabara Grace Of Love: Best Bitch 4

but what a special weekend! We met Rocky & Lena and Ulla from Sweden!  Rocky is so grown and e did not got eyes off from him how handsome he is and moves so beautifully. What a lovely Rocky and his personality !

Here he is  pictured with Lena, loved so much, cared and handled to perfection!

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New photos of Maasu

mg_2159fb  Maasu !
CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love
(SBIS INT, NORD, FIN, SWE, NO, DK, EST CH Nord W-09 FINW-11, 14, HKI W-14, Vet World Winner-15 Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy
SBOS, INT, BALT, EST, LT, LV, BLR, RUS CH, EST JCH, EST VET CH, Alpe Adria W-06, Alpe Adria JW-06, LT CLW-07,08, EST VW-2013 Kingsleah Amazing Grace
New headstudies of Maasu, got so many of her, uploading some. Low resolution because not to find  any on my photos printed on mass produstion somewhere. So you know why.  See more photos:

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Django the Bengal :)

2017-django Django!
Couldn’t resist to post picture of Bengal cat Django, too cote, isn’t he? He is pure bred Bengal, Django is his pet name only.

R.I.P Dhakra

dhakra-2  In memoriam White prince Dhakra…

No longer in our lifes to share, but in our hearts, you’re always there
EST CH Al Khabara Dhakra

owned and loved by Triin Tamme

Dhakra was by  INT FIN LT LV EST CH Aziz Sharik x SBIS INT BALT IT FIN EST LV CH EST VCH EURVW-07 Aziz Mahtab, from our B-litter
Our deepest and sincere condolences to his owner Triin Tamme and your family to the loss of a loved Dhakra and thank you for  your love to him.
From all of us in Al Khabara

Lilli and Lilli

2017-03-17  This is the saddened, very offense look I got when arriving home yesterday late evening from our granddaughter Emilie’s 3 yo birthday. Lilli would preferred to come with us but we left her home.
If only she had known that when Emilie opened our gift – a doll, and I asked what would be the name of this doll?
Emilie answered promptly and clearly ” LILLI”
Incredible, I am so touched!

PS. Someone said,  her eyes still express some flames too, Afghan Hound way LOL

Amazing art


My MOST favourite Artist in breed – June Leitch in UK – every piece is breathtaking and gives you a several (!) impressions of ESSENCE of this wonderful breed.

I wish I’d have a words enough to describe better :)
In every statue made by June Leitch, I see some moments of my own Afghan Hounds,
when they express their essence in certain moments.

Sure, I am not only one sees own dogs, but talent of June is awesome.
Let me a show ! Here comes Roxanna, ears in wind!

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Phoebe shows new crocheted snood

img_0720w img_0721w

Phoebe also got a new crocheted snood, making sure, spring is on the way and she has airy snood to cover her hair at garden walks and not to bring whole botanical selection indoor in her long ear hair.
Phoebe have  pretty hair and now it is safe.
Snood is of course 100% cotton and  crocheted by me. Snood has elastic edges at both side so it stay on very well.
I have some more as got hooked in crocheting again :) Take a look!

Phoebe and her new snood

2017-cotton-fabric Phoebe got new  cotton snood tho she was not in the mood of modelling but I took some pics of her .

Also I did the red one for Roxanna, who was too busy for stand by for showing it so Phoebe modelling the red on too.
These snoods for sure staying up well at meal time and not falling down on face.
I can do few more red snoods, those interested contact me or order here

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Library thing

No snow this year what a pity and so started with bigger spring clean in household. Started from library LOL
PS. Yes, we have a pause from showing, so no shows before spring or summer as we are on waiting time of age and grassy outdoor rings !

Happy New Year


New Year waves Magic wand over this world,
Bring you a lot of Love & Happiness
Little Keys Open Big Locks
Simple Words Reflect Great Thoughts
Your Smile Can Cure Heart Blocks

Happy New Year to all our friends around the world

Huge thank you to owners of dogs we bred, thank you for the love, dedication, presentations and care- thank you for your friendship!

R.I.P Diva


There’s one more angel in heaven. There’s one more star in the sky

AM CH Al Khabara Brahma


23.01.2003 – 28.12.2016

Diva was loved and owned by Trudi Jensen , Cazimirhounds in USA
We thank you Trudi for the very happy and long, healthy life of Diva

Good bye kisses to you Diva, from all of us



Essie The Princess

2016_5_0   2016_6_0

New photos of Essie (FI EST CH Al Khabara Essence Of Noir) 4 years old, living like a Princess and what else would be like a music to the breeder’s ears to hear she makes her owners happy with   easy, silky and  easy hair so easy to take care!

Essie is by C.I.B BALT EST LV LT CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa x C.I.B BALT EST LV LT CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace (E-litter)
and is owned and loved by Katja Kuusisto in Finland



Roxanna in Tartu show


We also had Roxanna entered yesterday 5.11.16 in Tartu International Show, she enjoyed herself in ring offering the competition to adult classes, taking res-CACIB and BB-2
Have no pic from show but here she is pictured earlier this autumn!
Roxanna is EST LV JCH EST JW-16, TLN Cup JW-16 Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily from our Halo x Lilli litter and owned & loved & handled by me.

Smokey – BEST OF GROUP in Tartu Int show

mg_1938-fb Smokey – Balt Est Lv Lt JCH Est W-16 TLN JWCup-16 Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation

BEST OF BREED, CACIB, BEST OF GROUP at Tartu International Show in Estonia today, 5.11.16
Well done Smokey — his 3rd Cacib, all from different countries, still in intermediate class. What a pleasure to take him to the ring, Smokey knows the style of high order and loves to show off.
Many thanks to Judge Dianne Degryze, Belgium making this show memorable for us !

Smokey is by C.I.B Nord CH Am Can Mal Dk N Se Est CH BHV-13, DK Winner 14, 15 POLO’S KABIK T’SENSATION “Halo” x
C.I.B Balt Est Lt Lv CH Balt Est Lv Lt JCH, Tallinn JW-12, Tallinn W-13, LT W-2013 AL KHABARA GRACEFUL ME “Lilli” (L-litter)
Pictures look a bit dark, but Groups were so well arranged in lights and colors so it was really nice not only to be in ring but also to follow the rings.

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